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This is another instance where this new wave form of stastical analsis has hurt baseball. An everyday player who , for the first time in his professional career led off and played outfield for a team in the thick of a playoff race, managed to be in the top ten in BA and top 20 in OBP, led the MAJOR LEAGUES in hits after the allstar break and had 2 consecutative 50 plus hit months to end the year. Numbers comprable to Joe DaMaggio!!!!! And he won't even make the top 3???? 100 hits in 2 months!!!!!!! Unbelievable.
This shouldn't really surprise anyone. Balk at any experienced coaches in favor for those with no track record therefore more to lose and less likely to make waves. Look at the last coach who challenged the "authority" of this ownership. He looked pretty compident holding that trophy last night. When will these guys spend or sell? Same story every year.
Well, Cabrera and Wills really helped Detroit...NOT!! Gotta believe Dombrowski's now on the hot seat for what he's paying those 2. Just heard on the radio that Dombrowski picked Cabrera up from jail on Sat morning which is different from what I read. Either way, it aint pretty. Posted by: Allan | What a rediculous comment. We got a glorified bag of sh!t and 2 prospects for Miggie and Dontrelle. We got fleeced. Hear that mighty Beinfest? I'd take Cabrerra over what we got in return 100 times out of 100. He is a hitting machine in a superior league and each year he improves. Everyone has personal issues. Who the hell are you to judge? Do you have some insight that most don't? Doubtful.
Top 50 in 16 years? A little premature?