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Larry, This is a very interesting topic. My Grandfather was a small town doctor, he always prescribed Buckwheat Honey for cough and sore throat. He claimed that because the Buckwheat Honey was darker it had more medicinal properties. Fast forward 60 years... now people typically use medications for cough and sore throat. Interestingly the latest research shows that children's cough and cold medications do not work better than placebo, and a recent study from Penn State showed that Buckwheat Honey out performed modern children's cough medicine. It turns out my grandfather was right al a long. I tried prescribing Buckwheat Honey to my patients, but it is very hard to find now a days. So this year my wife and I started a company packaging buckwheat honey in pre-dosed packets and putting it in pharmacies. It is also for sale on You should check out our website to read more. It just might help your cough. Jeff Chamberlain M.D. Family Doctor