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Well it wouldn't be the first mistake on here, haha.
Latin initiative? I think that was US pro sports have a tough time in Miami and marketing to Hispanics in general. "El Bulls"? Who made this up? Non-Hispanics? Some dude who is 1/16 Mexican who hasn't spoken Spanish since an 8th grade class? It should read "Los Bulls". Its sad how America thinks we "Latinos" (which is a vague term that applies to all Romance language speakers) are some monolith of a people to be scared of. Kind of how they wont put a Sonic's restaurant down here in Miami-Dade. Cause yeah, you don't have thousands of young people coming out of the Beach, Downtown, and Grove looking for fast food at all hours of the night. No, we only look for beans and plantains at 4am. Come to think of it, why isn't Pollo Tropical 24 hrs?
Haha...Williams just got called a "bottom" in his relationship.
Sounds like someone has a blatant man-crush. Wet dreams of alpha males and the sort.
I hear Riley and Pfund figure out their complicated trade scheme after taking hits of peyote, listening to Stairway to Heaven backwards, and using a Yahtzee style system to figure out which players' names come up.
Spo's substitution patterns are erratic, but give credit where it is due. There are plenty of teams with all around better talent from the 1-5 position yet with the players we have aside frome Wade, Spo has done a great job of "polishing up the turds". Look at our record and the teams we have beat. Posted by: Vtown78 =================== I have nothing against Spo'. Fact is we have a team with more freshmen and sophomores (coach included) than a sleazy frat party and we're winning games. So my comment at his erratic sub patterns was just that.
I'm not saying Perkins is bad. He IS a pro center. But if you defend the post against the Celtics, do you defend Perkins or Garnett. I'd dump defending Perkins like you dump the sloppy, ridiculously drunk fat chick at a frat party...after she downstairs accompanied by three dudes. So yes, Perkins is a product of the system, not the other way around.
I don't get the people that don't want to move Marion. Yes he is a good player. But other than the occasional spark and rebounding, he brings nothing to the Heat's system. His only real upside is having his salary come off the books during the offseason. But then we would do what? Go after Boozer? Another PF? Maybe we sign Boozer, keep Marion, and trade for Garnett... Wade Beasley Marion Garnett Boozer That's what I call a power lineup!
Kendrick Perkins would make for an elite Vietnam or Cambodia or some place like that.
Fundamental Theorem of Heat Basketball? Isn't that Riley's quest to compose the most diabolical team on Earth while somehow abiding to Arison's fear of the luxury cap, only to allow Spoelstra to allow such team to have the most erratic substitution patterns since the Washington Generals?
Who is to say Diawara and Dalembert are speaking proper French? Besides, isn't Joel Anthony from Quebec? Maybe the Heat can develop some kind of new Quebecois-French/English patois, so opposing teams can't figure out the Heat's on court communication. "Vous est hurt, but moi is aight."
Rajon Rondo is the textbook case of a "system" player. Put him outside of Boston, he'd have the occasional good game, but most of us here know he would lack the consistency contributed to him by three really consistent players next to him. The Rondo craze is another case of ESPN Fanaticism. Let's praise any successful team from a MAJOR market or LeBron and ignore anyone else. (If LeBron goes to the Knicks forget about getting a highlight from any other team) Can we really trust a source that's owned by Disney? ESPN is all about hype and propaganda. If Hannah Montana had a nice jump shot, she'd be on ESPN. doctorb: Keats: 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. Keaton: 'I am Batman!'