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I know you get a lot of pleas like this, but please for the future would you consider a w00tstock in Austin or Dallas, Texas? We have lots of very cool geeks here who would love to see you guys! Second thing (off topic but not sure where else to post it): I was just watching the TNG episode "Final Mission" on BBCAmerica and realized that now I barely recognize Wesley as being you. It reminded me of a line from River Song in Doctor Who about seeing pictures of someone from before you met them, how they don't look "finished" yet. You NOW is Wil Wheaton to me. It was a fun experience watching some truly touching scenes between Wesley and Picard and then see Wesley have an epic, heroic moment at the end (I cheered) and think of it as being the same man from the w00tstock videos I've just been watching. And knowing it was your last episode as a regular cast member, thinking back to what you wrote about your mindset at that time in Just a Geek, made it that much more meaningful to me. So, Wil, if you do read this, I just wanted to say that I grew up with TNG around (my dad got me hooked), but now, you've made it that much more special to watch by being the awesome guy you are. I am so glad that you said lately how much happier you are in your life now compared to those days. You truly deserve it and I'm grateful for all you've done for geeks in general. Thank you!
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That was absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy you got to have a moment like that with your son. My dad was the one who got me into sci-fi and I remember knowing about Next Generation (if at first in only the vaguest sense) from very early in my childhood. He fostered my brother's and my love of classic literature, philosophy, and story-telling too. I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first show we really sat and watched together, a tradition followed up by Firefly, and now Battlestar Galactica (the show I got him hooked on to return the favor he started so long ago). I remember when my dad wanted to introduce us to the woman who would become our stepmom (whom I love as much as any blood parent), he took us all out to see Star Wars Episode II, then to lunch, so the geek thing was established right away. :) Again, truly beautiful post. Thank you for unearthing it and sharing it with those of us who missed it the first time. I think I'll go e-mail my dad now...
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Wow! Nice picture! You have awesome fans. Well done, angie k! Since I don't have twitter, I thought I'd comment here that I haven't been reading this blog (or the twitter) because of any "lingering notoriety" from the past, but because you are currently a geek god. :) You're the only person other than my brother who I've heard reference the land of winds and ghosts in conversation. Forbes wishes they were that cool. Rock on.
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