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I liked Jeff Fisher, but not enough to give him full control over personnel and pay him $10 million a year. We didn't miss out on him. He missed out on Miami, which is a much better situation than St. Louis. I like Philbin. I like Croyle. But I think both are probably gone in the next 2 weeks. Unless we get a GM who wants to build a team that works with the systems Philbin wants to use - and that can't be a criteria for the selection - then there really isn't any choice. Most of our problems this year were because Ireland forced Philbin to try and run a zone blocking scheme with Richie Incognito, John Jerry, Tyson Clabo, and Jonathan Martin, and forced Croyle to run his defense with no run stopping linebackers. The GM and head coach have to be on the same page. The odds are against that happening unless the GM gets to hire his own head coach.
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