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David L. Kendall
Interests: Finance, Economics, Political Philosophy, Golf
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Obama speaks of "the government we need" as if he or anyone else can give meaning to that phrase. Just who is "we" and just how would Obama or anyone else even define "need"? This kind of talk makes great rhetoric for politicians, but can't bear up under even mild scrutiny. Appealing to robust private sector growth so that more government interference can be financed without raising taxes rather misses the point, don't you think? There is no "we" that has a common and agreed "need." Instead, we are all individuals, and we all have different wants and values. I agree that Obama is more clever than most politicians, but he suffers from the same conceits as all the rest. Obama can't know what we all need, because we all don't need anything. How can such a basic point be missed by so many?