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Plain and simple ... Go Lakers!
Wouldn't it be sweet to dump Luke Walton... !
I am not one of these armchair trade canvassers but hope the Lakers play out their due diligence and are successful prior to this coming season and yes, '11-'12 will play out but the number of games played will be the big question. Trading just for the sake of trading and trying to prove to the fans management cares can only backfire. If the Lakers championship window is closing quickly why make rash trades to only make that window smaller. Lakers should have begun their rebuild prior to Kobe's newly signed contract. The CBA will be very interesting to say the least and would say the Lakers hopes of signing and trading depends on CBA without doubt.
This is really good news since we could use a healthy Matt Barnes next season. While some Lakers fans are not happy with Barnes please remember how well he played before he was injured. Barnes brings a lot of energy to the Lakers bench and we could use more of his type energy on that bench.
What a SAD state that lakerholics are praying, pleading and hoping for a Mav’s win. This is what you have been REDUCED to, a pathetic SAD @zz fans. Posted by: Lionel | June 09, 2011 at 02:35 PM ________ Hello, Lionel ... I guess you don't understand the concept of cheering for the conference of your favorite team even when eliminated by another western conference team in the Dallas Mavericks. It's all about western conference over the eastern conference and that's all. Oh, by the way... try to control you vulgarity so you don't have to use @ and other symbols... speaking of pathetic, you take the prize! Go Mavericks!
I don't know who is more demanding, the media or fans?
Why can't the media concentrate on the issue at hand. Kobe's kindness and heart is at the center of his homeless agenda... cough up some support for the homeless not Mike Brown. Now is not the time!!
As a life long fan of the Lakers it's easy to question management when extending Kobe's contract another 3 years at $30 million on his last year. Man oh man, that's a lot of cash to pay for one player, can you imagine how much talent you can get for $30 million? I like Kobe (don't get me wrong) and will support the Lakers in their quest for another ring or two for Kobe and the Buss family. As much as I like Fisher it's time to make a reality check and have him come off the bench or trade him. Sooner or later an aging point guard's ability to keep up with the younger players is costing the Lakers valuable steps up court in transition. Many times this past season D. Fisher would explode to get across the center line but then backs off... we need a point guard who can take advantage of open looks to the basket and drive for a basket and one! It's tough getting old and still having that young at heart mentality. Once again, don't get wrong... I like our aging point guard in D. Fisher. Speaking of our player's association president, get the job done Fisher so the players are not slighted and we have another exciting season beginning in October of 2011. Lakers need to reorganize and get onto the same page. What should change this coming season is the fact Kobe will be able to practice with his healed knee and not having to sit out practice sessions... in order to be a cohesive unit all players have to be on court when practice begins. As for the Mavericks come from behind win over the Heat... what a fantastic game. I hope the Mavericks can seal the deal and win out in Dallas. Showboating, hanging your hand up like a swan and chest thumping in front of the opponents bench with 7 minutes left in the game was totally unforgivable and the Heat are paying the price now... Go Mavericks!
Maybe the Knicks might be willing to trade Billups for Gasol. Billups/Turiaf for Gasol/Blake or Fish?? I know Billups would be another perfect fit for this Laker team. There's so many scenario's...bottom line is we need a change, and that change has to be Pau Gasol and a starting PG. Go Lakers! _______ One big problem with Billups is his age and we need to build on the future and not have to do this again in a year or two. Good luck Mike Brown... we Lakers fans are hoping you can get the team to buy in just as much as the Buss' in choosing you as head coach.