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Hey Wil, I'm so sorry to be all spammy and self-serving in your comments section, but I was just wondering if there's an email address or Send Message form or something somewheres for a well-meaning freelance writer to reach you in your role as a champion of geek culture? Apologies if I've missed it somewhere. I figured this was a better bet than an @reply on Twitter. Thanks!!
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Well said! Totally with you on: a) cheap shots being a much greater danger to the game than fighting, b) new jerseys = LAME, and whatever happened to home jerseys at home, and c) Crosby = more Lindros than Gretzky. (Though I don't think McSorley is the best example of old-timey hockey... He's kind of the poster child for those who believe that fighting leads to horrific acts of violence, isn't he? What with the ol' baseball swing to Brashear's head, while trying to instigate a punch up?) I do think what you saw in the Caps game is more Crosby-specific than league-wide "nobody looks out for each other anymore" type stuff. It's still not right, really, but the guy has lost the trust of his room, if he ever had it. He was made captain as a publicity stunt, essentially. He lives with the owner. He was tight with the old coach, who other players (Staal, Orpik) actively hated. And he gets himself into trouble far too often - no wonder his guys are sick of defending him. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the Pens over the next season or two. For my part, I heart Jordan Staal and hope he can land some place where he'll be more than a PK guy and a third-line center.
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Hiya Wil, Truthfully, I don't think you need to worry. I think your following has as much (or more) to do with your Tweets (can't even type that word with a straight face) than with the celebrity thing. I saw your name on someone's list of followers (a music critic's, I think - Toure? Kris Ex?), clicked on it out of curiosity ("Huh, is that really Wil Wheaton?") and followed because I liked what I saw -- not because of what you were up to in the 80s. And that's coming from someone who's a huge Stand By Me fan, and a one-time crusher on Wesley Crusher. (Groan. Sorry.) Keep it up! (Meanwhile, I'll resolve to cut down on my use of brackets.)
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