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I don't want to assume that I am interpreting you correctly so I will simply ask. Are you suggesting or putting forth the validity of Black rock at the expense of hip hop? As I see it, most Black music genres, including hiphop, co-exist as hybrid forms that dialogue with the past and present. That is, they reference the blues, jazz, soul, funk and whatever else is or has gone on in the community. Because of its mass appeal, hiphop tends to be evaluated as something "inauthentic." However, there is a large sector of hiphoppers that express performance, religious, socio-political and aesthetic sensibilities of Black culture who are positioned on the margins of the mainstream (just like Black rock). Identifying them as a primary source for hiphop representation might better frame hiphop as a major player within the Black continuum. I believe that Black rock has something of great substance to teach us but not at the demise of hip hop. We should not throw away one in order to edify the other. Let's keep all Black expression. If I misunderstand you, my apologies brother!! With all that said, thanks for your blog.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2009 on Can Black Rock Save Black Culture? at Bold As Love
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