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i am assuming all NBA teams are going to give us talented basketball players for our expiring scrubs. can't they see how much crap we fans have gone through in the last 4 years. i'm sure they are going to want to help us out. i'm sure a rich NBA team owner will get greater satisfaction from helping the heat than sending money overseas to poor people in third world countries.
that's why it's good that wade is friends with lebron. if lebron tells wade he's definitely not coming to miami, then riley knows he has to use the $50 million in expirings to assemble a team right now and not wait for free agency.
Posted by: kbboy80 | January 28, 2010 at 04:22 AM ================================ it's not as bad as the last pic ira had of haslem trying grab lebron from behind.
karl malone or is it pay per view, i-win, JD, williams46, or eddieomaha. lol.
riley and spo the idiots simultaneously ruined beasley's development and trade value. well done you morons.
Beasley's been offered to the Suns for Amare a few times now by Riley, they're not interested. It's kinda funny how highly Heat fans seem to rate Beasley versus the rest of the world. Suns fans for example think Beasley's ceiling is a poor man's Amare, I agree. Posted by: Karl Malone | January 28, 2010 at 03:52 AM ------------------------------------- hello karl malone. it's not a surprise that fans of other teams don't think highly of beasley. they must be thinking, why is every other sophomore allowed to play 36,37 minutes at game at their NATURAL position, while beasley only gets 32 minutes a game, with a third of those minutes out of position at small forward. and he's not getting only 20 minutes a game at power forward because miami has an all-star power forward already, but a two bit undrafted scrub. so it is no surprise that other than heat fans who watch beasley play a lot, there is not much excitement around the league for beasley. well done riley and spo you f*cking idiots.
tim duncan got 27 rebounds against atlanta. 10 offensive. huge.
if riley can get amare without giving up beasley, then i'm all for it. how much better is it to have haywood at center instead of amare. if riley gets amare without giving up beasley, then he has to round out the rest of the roster with trades. amare beasley gay wade felton
compare 20.6pts 8.4reb at age 27 to Beasley: 16.2pts 6.8reb at age 21 It's definitely not worth it with Beasley involved. But even without, I'm not sure for the long run. Posted by: Ali | January 28, 2010 at 01:56 AM ------------------------------------ if beasley gets 36 minutes at power forward, he will easily put up 20 and 8 on 50% shooting. trading beasley to get amare would be absolutely retarded. it would be a huge mistake by riley. but hey, if wade wants beasley gone and promises riley he will re-sign if he does the trade, then it will happen. beasley will have a lot of fun playing in phoenix with steve nash. i'm sure by this stage, beasley will be happy to leave and not have to put up with spo the haslem loving retard.
Also, blame Spoelstra for Wade's stupid 3 point shot attempt at the end. ----------------------------------- wade's last shot attempt was not a 3 point shot. it was a 20 foot jump shot from the left elbow over lebron.
IOW: Haslem is nothing but a poor-man's Varejao. Posted by: Slledge | January 26, 2010 at 06:20 AM ----------------------------------- +10000000000 i agree with slledge. but he is still a piece of sh*t that loves al gore.
haslem should play 12 power forward back up minutes. that's it. not 1 minute more. either that or trade him. mike brown should send spo a thank you card after that game. thanks for keeping your second best player on the bench for the last 7 minutes of the game. spo is a haslem loving, beasley hating f*cking idiot.
not chalmers/jones/dorell for camby. chalmers/jones/q-rich for camby. keep dorell. he has skills and potential. if haslem isn't traded by the deadline, he will cost us more games by stealing beasley's minutes, and the heat will also lose in the first round because haslem will steal beasley's minutes. what a pathetic excuse for a basketball organization the heat has become. absolutely pathetic.
fair enough about q-rich. that's why it will be great to get a player like johnson or gay that can guard lebron AND score 20 points as well.
saw the lakers visiting obama. don't know how adam morrison got past white house security. he looks like a serial killer.
q-rich sucks. 2 points in 36 minutes. and dorell gets only 18 minutes.
mike brown should have asked spo if he could use beasley in the 4th quarter if spo was just going to let him rot on the bench.
How can anyone say that he would have scored more in the 4th? The 4th is not exactly Beasley's time to shine. Posted by: JD | January 26, 2010 at 02:04 AM ---------------------------------- we will never know because he is never allowed to play in the 4th quarter of a close game. i hope haslem has a season ending injury in the next game.
Udonis Haslem was the finisher of choice and came through with three critical late jumpers. words of wisdom by Ira. ------ i can't believe he wrote that. "critical" late jumpers? none of those shots were in the last 6 minutes of the game. ira just lost whatever shred of credibility he had left.
^ Honestly, that looks like a horrible disparity on paper lol. But LeBron's team is perfect for him, so I wouldn't focus on the names too much. Posted by: GodsSon521 | January 26, 2010 at 01:55 AM ---------------------------------- on paper and on the court. lol give lebron pau and bynum and you can forget about it. delonte mo williams lebron pau bynum kobe needs all the help he can get. memphis gave kobe pau for free (at the time, although marc gasol is becoming a good player)and artest gave kobe a 50% pay cut discount. all lebron wants is just ONE all-star player next to him. not too much to ask. if he goes to miami, he will have a superstar team-mate and an all-star in beasley.
spo and haslem STOLE 17 of beasley's POWER FORWARD minutes.
lebron has reasonable talent this year but still not like what the lakers or celtics have. shaq has been great the last 2 games. now the fat bastard will need 2 weeks to recover.
lebron has zero rings because he has played with scrubs his entire career. give him half the talent what boston and lakers have and he'll win a ring.
riley and spo are both f*cking idiots!!!!!