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It's so frustrating to see us having all these problems in defense with DeMerit sitting on the bench, and Jimmy Conrad apparently never getting called to another USMNT camp. I don't hate on Ching for the work that he puts in, because the guy runs his wheels of ever game I've seen him in. My problem is that he's a striker and he doesn't score goals. I look at it like this, had Donovan or Altidore had that chance in the closing minutes of the game, I think they would have put it somewhere other than straight into the backup keeper's chest. Is it just me, or did it seem like there was an abundance of overhead kicks in this game?
Allow me to insert some of my own (more censored) captions for opportune moments: 1:08... "Man, this really sucks without the jumprope." 2:11... "Oh no you di'int... don't walk away from me." 5:21... THERE ARE TWO EYEBROWS! HE GOT ONE OF THEM TO MOVE ON ITS OWN! All joking aside, I agree with him. The Mexican media jumps on and off their bandwagon so often it's ridiculous. Seriously though, he can't expect the Mexican media to shine his shoes just because he plays in Europe, though he has at least enjoyed some success against the Transylvania Draculas and Uzbekistan Stans. Nery... it could be worse... you could be get caught puking out a car door after a long night of celebrating not making the bench for Spurs.
I'm still a fan of Kyle Beckerman's hair... He's a decent player, and I would root for him to get some more caps on the USMNT, but they're already so overloaded with central midfield prospects, I'm sure capping him over Edu just because he has some fatty rasta locks is out of the question.
I might be in the minority, but I don't mind this at all. Yeah, it's pretty funny to me, but I don't find it offensive enough to do something like boycott Blockbuster (I'm sure the current economic climate, downloading, and netflix will put them under soon enough). I kind of look at this as a long running saga. I've had people that I flat out know don't like football ask me if this is real or not. The word is getting out. The more the word gets out, the more people watch the game, and the more heated the rivalry gets. The more people that watch, the better the chance that I can have a chance to commute to a World Cup game in my lifetime, rather than settling for stumbling into pubs or screaming at TVs at two in the morning. I like the big picture.