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They have $50+ million UNDER the cap. The Bucs have signed 2 veteran WR's. Unreal. It's really comical and unreal.
Rucker. GONE. Fanene. GONE. Adding a veteran WR from a huge class of FA's available? NOPE. Un-Fucking-Real. Rucker and Fanene aren't stars, but they were a part of one of the team's strengths and they are GONE. Once again, realizing how inept this front office is. And that this franchise will NEVER win a championship.
Nice to see a post again WDR. Haven't talked or even thought about this team in weeks. (that's a lie) I'm over the Nugent thing. What's done is done. The focus should be more on improving at G, CB, and FS (Crocker? anyone? why is he not mentioned as someone that needs to go!?) This is a very, very important off season. Should hopefully be interesting.
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Viva la What? You guys really talked a big game 2-3 years ago WhoDeyRevolution. A big game. But then you realized that it required a lot of time and money to keep something like this going. So you guys really were just a cute experiment for one season. This franchise is on the verge of one of the most important off-seasons it's had in a while (as far as player and personal decisions) and the first story about this team is And you guys have nothing to say or post about this? No Project Mahem that Brown stop drafting guys with off the field issues. This website has turned into a lame blog. (That posts something once every 2 months) Delete this website. It's useless keeping this alive at this point. You aren't doing what this site claims it is, that's fucking lame guys.
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This off season seems very simple to me. 1. Re-sign Zimmer if his contract is up 2. Get a new LG, S, RG, CB and RB. I don't care what people say about Benson, we need a new RB. FA, or 3rd or 4th rounder. 3. Get more depth at DT, WR, LB and RT With Shipley coming back and a full off season, you would think that Gruden and Dalton would be able to really improve. But, Dalton needs time to throw. The quick drop backs are nice for avoiding sacks, but no other QB had more balls batted at the line than Dalton.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
If Crocker, Livings and Pacman are all still starters and on this team next year, it'll be unforgivable. Pacman is such an idiot and head case.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
Outside of Marvin Lewis and his awful challenges and game management, the biggest reasons they lost this game were all Mike Brown mistakes. 1. Not resigning Eric Steinbach 5 years ago. Livings is terrible and the LG play has been awful since '05. 2. Chris Crocker. 3. Pacman Jones 4. Not resigning Jonathan Joseph before LAST season. Not this past off season.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
This board is no different than the board. Just guys bickering back and forth trying to prove their point. This site (which has DISAPPEARED) should be focusing on some kind of Project Mayhem to inspire a SMART off season. "Don't screw it up again Mike Brown". Or whatever... Instead, it's a post every 2 weeks and then guys bitching at each other. (Which I've also probably done)
'dome' was supposed to be 'dumb' should have proofread that one, which was dome of me
This weekends game at Houston could be very interesting. That said, we are approaching maybe one of the most important off seasons this team has had in a very long time. A solid draft, maybe a smart FA pickup here or there and who knows. Next season will be more difficult for this team to repeat success. Especially if Mikey Boy makes some dome decisions this off season. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy a playoff game that feels very winnable.
I think it will be a game for almost a half. Then the Ravens will get a couple big plays and blow it open. Just don't see this team winning this game. I could be wrong...
Bengals were up 23-0 at home. Now 23-16. Benson has 2 fumbles in the 4th quarter. Classic Bengals. Even if they pull this out, this team still does not know how to WIN or close out big games at home.
This is my last post on this. I promise. Going back to the negativity thing. Professional sports are nothing more than entertainment. We all know that. But, it is a fact that a franchise can do wonderful things for a community and adversely, awful things. Like I said, my wife is from New Orleans. After Katrina, that team was something that city could hang its hat on. And after them winning the SB that entire city felt alive again, and it all helped bring that community back together. I'm not saying the Saints were the only thing that has helped build that city back up, but it was a level of pride. Look at Steelers fans. They are so proud of having the Steelers. Same with Green Bay, who literally has NOTHING else. Detroit (mostly the Lions), Cincinnati, Cleveland and some others have awful Professional sports teams. And that negative feeling trickles down. Mike Brown and the stadium deal and what its doing to Hamilton County tax payers is horse shit. It really is, but how bad would it be if the team won more consistently? If the team could be some sort of pride for people of the city. Instead of arrests, losing seasons and asswipes like Ochocinco. It would have a very positive effect. But instead, it's got 20 years of losing and bad business. That has an effect on people. Period. Now I'm done.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
I have enjoyed watching Dalton, Green and the defense. No doubt. But they just blew a must win game at home to a 3rd string QB. To me, that erases a 6-2 start, because how a team 'pleasantly' starts a season has nothing to do with a whole season. And as far as your comment about Cincinnati fans. Yes, there is a lot of negativity. But, after the Reds '09 season, what did they do? Finish 4th? And there is nothing to be positive about with the Bengals the last 20 years. Nothing.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Yes, maybe Dalton, Green and this gang will be different. Maybe the solid drafts will continue. Maybe they will get a new LG, RG, S, CB and RB. Maybe. But, 20+ years is a long time of being bad. So, you'll forgive me if I'm pessimistic. If the team wins out, and gets in this year. Awesome. If they continue to build off this, awesome. But history has proven otherwise.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Whysoserious- I get where you're coming from. I really do. And I wish I could be as optimistic as you are. That said, how much of a 'good foundation' did this team have in '05? Yes, Palmer's knee sucked, but he came back in time and set the franchise record for passing yards. And the team barely missed the playoffs in '06. Here are the mistakes that are Mike Brown's ALONE and helped create this downfall. (in no particular order) 1. Drafting guys with issues. (Thurman, Henry. Both high draft picks and talented, but NOT worth the risk) 2. NOT resigning Eric Steinbach. The team had a great O-Line, Rich Braham was retiring, it was important to keep Palmer protected. Brown didn't. 3. Releasing Willie Anderson a week before the '08 season. He was a 12 year veteran, a stand up guy and gave back to the community. What kind of message does that send to younger players about this organization. Play hard, play well and be a good professional and I'll cut you if I want. 4. Not trading Chad Johnson to the Redskins. It was an insane deal and Chad was past his prime and a huge diva and distraction. 5. Signing Antonio Bryant. 6. Signing T.O. HUGE mistake. (I don't care about his stats last year. 16 of Palmer's 20+ interceptions were when T.O. was targeted) 7. Not firing Bratowski after '08. All of this off the top of my head, but still, these are horrible decisions by an owner. And speaking of the '05 Steelers. They NEVER should have a) made it to the SB. The Bengals were going to spank them if Cowher wasn't a cheater and Kimo didn't wrap Palmer's knee b) The Seahawks were a better overall team. The Refs game the Steelers that game.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
I'm stuck with this team. My wife is from New Orleans and we got married there, so I pull for them. But I'm stuck with this shitty franchise because of loyalty. Trust me, if I could just root for another team I would. I bitch about it, because I want change. Much like the reason this website was originally created. The occasional decent year isn't enough for me anymore, and it's starting to look like it's not enough for a lot of fans giving the home attendance this year. I'm glad that 7-6 has made you so happy. I made no guarantees before the season and I won't next year. As long as Mikey Boy runs things as he does, this team will never win consistently, let alone make a playoff run.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
me- Great post. Whysoserious- The Patriots make dumb penalties, sure. They also have 3 RINGS and 6 SB appearances you tardass. Losing and poor management trickles down in EVERY business. That was my point. You are exactly why Bengals fans still pay money to watch this team. 7-6 is a "surprisingly good season". That's exactly my point. Mediocrity is considered good for this franchise.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Whysoserious- You MISSED my point entirely. Bobby Williams has had 12 off seasons and he had a costly false start. This team always finds a way to lose. Period. TJ Yates had no off season and he drove the Texans down the field to win it late. My point was, Mike Brown's has built up 20 years of a losing culture for this franchise. And it may never change. Keep drinking that koolaid buddy
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
I do think the lack of attendance is a good sign. That the people of Cincinnati are not all morons and won't take this crap from MB anymore. I hope it continues. Forcing, maybe, big maybe, but forcing him to make the proper changes. i.e. - GM, indoor facility, more scouts
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Talent and injuries have NOTHING to do with the last few losses. This team had 10 penalties against the Steelers 2 weeks ago. In a game when they should have gone up 10-0, they fell behind 21 because of penalties and turnovers. Talent? AJ Green is incredibly talented, but he had the false start against Pittsburgh that scratched a TD to Gresham in the 1st Qtr. Then, a delay of game on a FG, then a blocked FG. That is bad coaching and a LOSING culture and 20 years of ineptitude. PERIOD Same against the Texans. 1st and Goal from the 1 yard line. AT HOME. FALSE START. After '04 we were all saying the same thing about this team. "Carson and Chad will only get better, they are young, but talented, we just need more depth"...bla bla bla Same Shitty franchise, different year.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
hahaha. Fitting that Pacman Jones gets the penalty late. Fitting that they have 1st and goal and Bobby Williams, a 13 year veteran has a false start. AT HOME. Resulting in only a FG. Fitting they couldn't secure that fumble late. Fitting that they LOST a must win game. Losing is a culture for this franchise. They do NOT know how to win. And NEVER WILL
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Re: #DoNotOccupy Um, if you read the sentence below my praise of Dalton and Green you'd see that I was saying just that. They probably will get Bengalized. Yes, there were some bad calls, but it's the Steelers at home, and the NFL loves the Steelers. That said, Green's false start, the delay of game, and Cook's hold were all legitimate penalties and cost the Bengals a 10-0 lead. I'm actually relieved. Even though I knew the schedule was super easy, I was starting to get a little excited. Now, I know it was all a ruse.
Oh, right, and I forgot. After the delay of game for the FG, the next one gets blocked. Green is awesome, Dalton looks to be really solid. Doesn't matter. Mike Brown, is a loser and it bleeds throughout this team.
hahaha! what a joke. this game was PROOF, once again, that this team and franchise oozes a losing culture. The first half sealed this game: TD to Gresham, FALSE START FG to at least take a lead and positive from drive, DELAY OF GAME!???? Seriously? Driving into Steeler territory again, score 0-0, HOLDING, drive stalls. HUGE pass interference call on Crocker (who sucks) FUMBLED kickoff return after it's 14-0. After getting the ball back, down 21-7, 3 and out and ANOTHER FUCKING penalty. They punt, it's returned for a TD. 28-7. Game. Set. Match by halftime. FUCKING JOKE