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I couldn't agree more with Ricepot and Gwyneth. M needs to go and I've been saying it loudly for a year. And the fact that this may only be a *rumor* so far but is giving almost all of us such tremendous hope is a huge clue as to what has to be done: Get rid of M. Even if it's just a rumor, it's the only bright news that any of us have heard in two years almost to the day. Get rid of M now. He's a total disaster. He has nearly destroyed what WE have built. M hasn't built anything; he's just ruined everything. On the other hand, anyone who has made and contributed anything to SL has helped to make it the rich place it is today. M should take a hike now. He's made his millions before and he should bloody well leave us alone. And instead of kicking out tons of good Lindens who were trying to contribute as well, either with code or with a face on the company and helping others directly as best as they could, they should have booted M first. Clue for you if you're reading this, Mark: Get out of our world. We made it and you didn't. Most of us want you to go. It's your name on the Ostraka pottery and we want you out of the city gates. Get lost. Vamoose. Scram. If you had bothered to actually contribute instead of tearing down, we'd have a completely different opinion about you, regardless of how short a time you were with us. But you're the cause of the loathing we feel towards you. SL can be a really forgiving community, but you've gone way too far and you've destroyed too many dreams and hurt too many good people for absolutely nothing good in return.
I've been hoping (and vocal) for this change since a year. I'm really hoping it is true, and I've been really loud about it happening since a long time. M was not only the wrong guy for the job, he also didn't know what the hell he was selling. Philip may be a dreamer, but at least he knows what the hell the platform is. He's not there to reshape it into something it isn't, and quite frankly he can be "one of us". Having a CEO who listens to *customers* and considers us customers, and who actually is publicly accessible is a step back into the right direction. M doesn't treat us like customers. He treats us as commodities. We pay his effing salary and he treats us like we're numbers to be played off for a big sale or something. So screw him and his frigging cold business ways which obviously didn't work and drove a major chunk of users away. Philip definitely can screw up too, but he's not a bastard about it and he always tries to fix what he messes up in the end. If this report is true, and I know it's to be taken with a grain of salt right now, it will have made my day, week, and month.
I really want somebody to press him, and I mean that in a very vigorous way, on his Creationist stance. And I don't only mean asking him if he believes in Evolution or not and letting him waffle on his answer. I mean asking him specific questions such as: So, do you believe the universe is only around 6,000 years old? Could you give me a rough number about how old you think the world really is? Do you believe in Creationism or do you believe in science? I want some hard questions asked, and I don't want him to simply answer with an airy response which gives no concrete view. I want the press to do their job and nail people down on this, please.
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