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Great post. I'm glad you had such a great time. You remind me of the way that I usually feel about gatherings where I don't think I'll know anyone.
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Dec 14, 2009
Actually all kidding aside I know what you mean about changes in body chemistry. I used to absolutely adore garlic and coffee. But at this point more than just a very little bit of either and I end up sick as a dog and cursing all manner of pagan deities. I have to admit though I'm glad that my relationship with sweets remains unaffected so far.
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A very cute story. It sounds like you and your wife have a really great relationship. But enough of that noise. WTH is wrong with donuts?
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Hey Wil. I totally get you. And while on the one hand I think it's kind of sad that there are those out there who need this stuff spelled out for them, I think you did it in a very nice and non dickish way. For myself I pretty much got that from the get go, and honestly it's your, low key approach that has gotten me into your blogs and your tweets. Plus well you have a messed up sense of humor and I respect that. Take It Easy
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