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What are you talking about bunion. Just a few years ago angry gator fans ran Ron Zook out of town. The reason those players left early is because they were considered the best at their positions at the time dumbass. Anybody with common sense would have left for the possible millions of dollars they were slated to earn in the NFL. We were still putting out top notch talent even though we were not doing so well on the field. But the canes were still good enough to beat the sorry as gators during those years. You can name all of those canes that left to become first round picks but can you name any gators that were chosen on the fist day of the draft during that same time period. I know its tough so I will give you one Chad Jackson and he is probably playing in Canada some where. Oh and another thing; if those canes were so unhappy playing for UM why do most of the past UM players and other NFL players all come to the U to train during the offseason. Do us all a favor and keep your ear to the police scanner and keep tabs on your own dam team and stop worrying about us.
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I appreciate the support Ansie B. Jeremiah most of what you are saying may be true but first off I would not call Magloir, Anthony or Moon great role players. Dennis Rodman(Chicago, Pistons), Robert Horry, (who might be the greatest role player of all time with his clutch shooting, Houston, L.A., S.A.) Derek Fisher(L.A), P.J Brown(Miami, Boston, Charlotte), James Posey (Miami, Boston) those are great role players. Also D-Wade is 27 not 23 and he's not trying to wait one more year on a bunch of youngsters that may or may not pan out . I am not saying get rid of them but even though they have not reached their ceiling, Wade has and he knows that these are some of the best years of his life and he cannot squander away MVP type seasons on 40 win squads that get ousted in the first round of the playoffs. All I am saying is that we need to do something; whether its tommorrow or a month from now somethings got to change, we cannot come back with the same group of guys. I'm not talking about jepordizing the 2010 cap space and pulling a Memphis (traded for Zach Randolph) just making a big splash for the hell of it but Carlos Boozer is available and Utah is trying to dump his salary in order to re-sign Paul Millsap; his contract expires at the end of the season and we would not have to give up any of our young pieces to get him. Someone like a Rymond Felton, Rashad Mcants or a Bobby Jackson who can help mentor Chalmers or a Marquis Daniels or Matt Barnes who is a point forward type that can push J-Moon and J. Jones for P/T. An athletic big like Chris Wilcox or Drew Gooden and maybe even Al Harington who is a big man who can space the floor with his outside shooting, would not hurt our chances either. And if none of them want to except one year deals; which I think they would seeing how they don't have any other teams lining up to sign them,than they can keep it moving. Jeremiah the way your talking it is safe to assume that you do not believe that we will be title contenders next season (barring a blockbuster deal) which is fine because most realistic heat fans don't; including myself but the right mix of players can make a run at a title and not just a team that has two or three legit superstars. Just look at the squad A.I led to the finals against the Lakers or the Detroit Pistons team that took down five future hall of famers or you can look at the Rockets from last year who gave L.A all it could handle in a seven game series, who barring a freak injury to Yao Ming might have beat the team who went on to become the world champions. So you see we can still put together a decent squad and not jepordize our cap space for next season. But if Riley is stubborn and decides to stand pat and not make a few major or minor additions like D-Wade has requested then don't be shocked if he does bolts for another city and David's swishful thinking becomes a reality. Kobe complained and eventually got what he needed to get back to the finals. Granted they had Pau Gasol and Trevor Ariza fall in there lap, whose to say that Boozer and a free agent or two could not do the same for us. On a side note gottaloveriles with a dumbass post like that you need to do us all a favor and go play in traffic.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on Between a Pat and a Wade place at Heat Check
The strategy to wait for 2010 can be a big make or break offseason for Pat Riley. The attraction of South Beach alone has not reeled in the top free agents in the past. An d the fact that there is no guarentee D-Wade will be here next year does not help our chances either. With Riley reluctant on spending any money this offseason it is becoming more and more of a reality that Wade could bolt after next season. If he does decide to go all in next offseason, his job could possibly be on the line if the heat does not put together a championship season or something close to it. With all the assets he will have at his disposal there would be no excuses barring a major injury or two. With two first round picks in a projected deep draft class and more than $50 million in cash for a free agent class that will most likely include Wade, James, Bosh, Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Dirk, Boozer, Hamilton, Peirce, and the list goes on. And you cannot forget about potential trades that may arise. So the fact that we will only have James Jones (Team Opt), Micheal Beasley, and Dequan Cook under contract means that the 2010 roster would be a direct reflection on just how much he has learned from his mistakes and depending on the teams success whether or not he is still a good evaluator of talent. This will also show whether he is still capable of putting all the pieces together to form a championship contender and not just a perennial playoff cameo.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2009 on Between a Pat and a Wade place at Heat Check
Pat Riley is the Miami Heat, he took a big nothing and made the Heat into a top eight team in the east almost every year after his arrival. But but his approach of standing pat and banking on the plethera of talent in the 2010 FA class is a big mistake. His stance of not being able to make a move without Wade signing an extension is a cop out, and he knew dam well that Wade was not going to re-sign this summer. So the question is what exactly is Pat getting paid to do. Sit with his thumb in his ass till the season starts. Your not fielding a summer league team which I think is a big mistake because we are missing out on potential hidden gems and a chance for Beasley, Chalmers and Cook to show off how much they have improved. So far he has not shown any interest in any of the quality players who are on the trading block who can be had at a discount; do to the recent trend of dumping salary. We can only hope that Riley emerges from his three month vacation to get in the mix for Carlos Boozer or hell heres a thought sign some dam free agents. I surely hope that he isn't taking the 06-07 offseason approach and just bringing back the same team because to be honest with you this team without D-Wade would not be much better than a summer league team. Can someone pleease explain to me why we could not sign Charlie Frye who took a 2 yr 4 million dollar deal from the Suns. Hello Pat! Thats the veteran mininmum, (2 million a yr) what are you thinking about. There are still pretty good veterans to be had such as Bobby Jackson, Matt Barnes, Drew Gooden, Marquis Daniels, Desmond Mason, Flip Murray, Von Waffer and Chris Wilcox. Some of which would jump at the chance of coming to Miami even if it was just a one year test run. The owner even gave you the ok to exceed the luxury tax threshold so whats the hold up. The money is not coming out of your pocket so stop the B.S and get Wade the help he needs.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2009 on Between a Pat and a Wade place at Heat Check
Nice to see a fellow American alum budding into a potential superstar.
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That T-Mac and Scola for Beasley and JO talk is foolishness. Your going to trade a potential superstar for some washed up has been who will probably miss half of next season recovering from knee sugery and a younger version of UD (Scola). The only thing is Scola will be like 30 at the start of next season so it won't be that much of an upgrade. And what happens after next season when T-Mac becomes a free agent and demands $10 million a season not to mention Scola's still on his rookie contract so he's going to wanna get paid at some point. That deal turns into a JO and Beasley for Scola? If you ask me your equation of Wade and McGrady = Jordan and Pippen can also be divided by Bull Sh%#. And what's with the proposed three team trade with detroit and utah that Stormn Crawford keeps bring up in every post. It will never happen dude forgetaboutit. What we need to do is try to add some role players like a Marquis Daniels, Charlie Frye or Drew Gooden and bring in vet pg like Bobby Jackson or re-sign Luther Head. We could also look into possibly bringing back Shawn Marion or Lamar Odom, all on one year deals of course. Mickey Arison has deep enough pockets to pay the luxury tax for one season. Thats if he is about winning now and plans on staying on D-Wade's good side.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on Mid-level Happy Medium at Heat Check
If you build it they will come.
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And on another note Scottie Pippen is one of the top 50 players of all time, I am not just saying that out of spite. There is an actual list that was voted on by NBA coaches and players from the past and present that rank them; so it is not a stretch, its a fact. And while T-Mac may have lead the league in scoring 2 years in a row one season he blew a 3-1 series lead in the playoffs and in the other season he lead his team to a 21-61 record hardly best in the league material. AI lead the league in scoring a couple of years but I don't think anybody outside of the city of Philadelphia thought he was the best player in the league. Shit almost everyone in the city of Miami (including myself)thought D-Wade was league MVP this year, who also led the league in scoring.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2009 on Between Riley and Reality at Heat Check
JDOG you said T-Mac was the best player in the league not too long ago. When the hell was this (and Timmi he was not the best player in the 2002-2003 season Shaq was, he won his third Championship in a row that season and his third finals MVP, while T-Mac and company blew a 3-1 lead against the pistons and lost in 7.)? And he does have a weakness in his game. He does not play defense and he's SOFT especially when it comes to playing through injuries. I still remember him being taken off the court during a game on a stretcher because of a back injury. And just when you thought his back was healed up he has a shoulder injury and then out of no where he starts having knee problems and without talking to the team takes it upon himself to announce the media that he is shutting it down for the season. If T-Mac had manned up and was at least half of what he use to be in Orlando then Houston might have won the title this year. But it seems that the injury bug is spreading because Yao Mig can't seem to stay healthy either.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2009 on Between Riley and Reality at Heat Check
Tracy McGrady is better than Scottie Pippien! Are you serious JDOG? When healthy he is possibly better than Pippen? You need to stop hittin the pipe. Scottie Pippen if you have forgotten is one of the NBA top 50 greatest players of all time and T-Mac is not even in the top 200. So your he played with Micheal Jordan argument is BS. He actually lead his team out of the second round without Micheal Jordan. And in a one on one Scottie would give it to T-Mac. And is there any truth to us having Toronto's first round pick next year, and if we do is it protected.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Between Riley and Reality at Heat Check
Good article big mike but you have to be more consistent. For example can we get a little draft insite on what potential moves the heat could make and what other players the heat are looking at besides Jack Mcclinton. What other players have they had in for workouts? Are they looking into trading there way into the first round (I heard a couple of teams are interested in selling their draft picks.)? You talk about Chalmers and Beasley working to improve but what is B-Easy doing to help make the transition to SF and what in particular is Mario Chalmers working on to become a better point (hopefully making open jump shots and finishing on drives to the rim). Just a little more detail please.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Training Camp Already at Heat Check
I think AI would be a nice option beside D-Wade but only as a one year trial. We don't need him rubbing off on the hopeful point guard of the future Mario Chalmers. I also think it would be a good move to try and get into the mid to late first round of this years draft and look at big men such as BJ Mullens or athletic guys that can play the 3 and the 4 such as James Johnson and Dujan Summers.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2009 on $23 Million Reasons to Hope at Heat Check