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srsly.. that was a weak ending
Spotard - rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory. Posted by: WadeLikesHisShots | January 25, 2010 at 10:17 PM lol.. if only cause its so true.. aww sad face..
damn.. wade shoulda drove that last possession..
thats alright we dont need 2 extra points
f*ck the bullsh*t. what the hell is happening!!
"captain clutch.. make them pay!!"
wazup baby beasley remind them why the picked u #2!!!
best lineup is wade,wright,richardson,beasley,jo
Beasley can have as many goaltends as he likes as long as he plays like this night in and out!
beasleys like i gota get me me! rargh!!
did riley bring a special guest this time around?
all star style game this is awesome lol
What was the post that got on tv? Posted by: CyrusTheVirus | January 25, 2010 at 08:21 PM [Comment From heatguy225 heatguy225: ] Jax how can you chat AND be on tv at the same time?
that was wild can i tell my kids i was on tv now?
man Bill Simmons was right on the money talking about Blake Griffin (who's now out for the rest of the season)
I say trade Beasley get Chris Paul. Then sign Wade and Lebron for the same salary CP3 is getting. I think they'll do it they are all close to each other.
who would have thought Tyreke Evans is actually an OG involved in a hit and run
cause he's an eskimo from alaska
Ohsh, i just hit you back on the blog, check it out.... Posted by: GarrettKall | December 23, 2009 at 01:06 AM I have to say i disagree with much of your post (except that our point guards really are well below average). Now although i agree the team has handled Beasley's development in a great way i really don't see Spoelstra choosing Beasley to close out games over Haslem. Although it makes the most sense to me there is a loyalty factor, wade factor, and captain factor involved. It has to be a slow progression. Last year Haslem starting and closing. This year Haslem not starting but closing. Next year Haslem not starting and not closing. And your suggesting Wade is gonna choose Orlando over staying Miami. First off I don't even see that as an option. I honestly don't see how Orlando will have anything close to the cap space required to sign Wade. But besides that there's been plenty of signs that Wade would prefer to stay. He's mentioned consistently that he wants to be one of those 'franchise' players that stay with one team for their entire career. Going so far as saying he really wants his jersey retired here in Miami. Moreover I don't think the heat fans truly suck like you say. There's a lot of support for the team and you can even see that in this blog. Plus I've been to a couple of heat games this season and although it may not appear that full on tv there is seldom few vacant seats scattered about. I would say the majority of the games have been very close to max capacity (excluding those curtains they drop over the 400 level seats). You say its doubtful if we get Bosh we can challenge the lakers? No way. I think a team with Wade Beasley Bosh and a solid veteran point guard and bench will work wonders. There's definitely a lot of flexibility for Pat Riley to surround Wade with more than plenty of talent to have a championship caliber team for years to come. Based on all that i'm thinking much less than your presumed over 50% chance of Wade leaving. I'd say something way less than 25%.
ref's discriminate so nasty durant fouled out for reaching on kobe but they dont call a loose ball foul on kobe (so he fouls out) after he slaps some guy's hand and knocks the ball outa bounds
i guess the game against toronto makes up for dallas and tonite makes up for memphis alls good for now
as in most nba games, the team that is behind will make a run and get the calls, the heat just has to weather the storm and play through it, and put together a run of there own as the quarter wears on Posted by: adrian | December 17, 2009 at 09:35 PM its actually the home team that usually makes the run
wtf where's the half time love.. charles and kenny saying the heat cant be in the same sentence as the magic??? yet we're whooping them by 15!
this is nasty.. and spoalstra was saying how magic was gonna be hustle team trying to avenge their home loss.. hah! if the heat can pour their heart out every game like this aint no reason y we cant to second round and above