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esabre - "The earth has been cooling for a decade and even the scientist at the heart of the IPCC / CRU openly discuss "The Decline" with each other apparently." The decline referred to in the CRU emails are the decline in tree ring temperature proxies in the last few decades. Since 1880 or so we have used thermometers instead of tree ring proxies so the decline is not important. Unless of course you drill a hole in a tree to see what the temperature is at the moment. The deniers have conflicted "hide the decline in tree rings" with "hide the decline in temps since 1998" meme that they have tried to foist upon the world. "Even the scientists at the Climate Research Unit don't deny the earth has been cooling. They call it a "Tragedy" that they can't explain it, but they don't deny it." Kevin Trenberth was referring to accounting for the energy flows within the Earth's systems. The temperature of the Earth does fluctuate in a decade time scale. We know the energy goes somewhere into natural processes like El Nino however we cannot account for it exactly like we would like to. Kevin Trenberth was saying that it is a traversity that we cannot account exactly for all the energy flows in all the natural systems of the Earth. Maybe we never will.
sulleny - "The FOI deception was the work of the CRU clan, not Metoffice." Please explain what in the CRU emails demonstrates # the surface temperature is not rising # the Arctic is not warming # that sea ice extent is not decreasing # that sea ice is not thinning # that ocean heat content is not rising # that the stratosphere is not cooling # that plant and animal species are not shifting their ranges and/or their phenological traits, and/or are not suffering from alterations in their bioclimatic envelopes # that glacier mass-loss and -retreats are not increasing # that sea levels are not rising?
Henry Gibson - "We should shut down the sun and save the hydrogen until fusion reactors are built on the earth in fifty years." So it is fifty years now. Fusion has been twenty years away for the last thirty or so years now. Are you now saying it is fifty years away? As for the rest of your rambling discourse - does the term "jumping the shark" mean anything to you?