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Adriana Stuijt
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TypePad HTML E-mail Anything I place on my archives about the ongoing Boer-Genocide, is backed up by original source-links, original documentation such as from the SA death certificate records, funeral records, hospital records, morgues, SA police files, South African court records, original first-person accounts from victims, witnesses and family members and news reports by SA journalists; also many of the farm-attacks are further verified by agricultural organisations and Farm self-protection unit members. I have over the years built up a vast network of informants inside South Africa about these matters. Often I now receive reports of farm-attacks long before the SA Police Service bothers to let the news media know about them. My work also is verified by other independent researchers doing exactly the same thing. On May 1 2010, a new website mapping the attacks against 'whites' in the countryside and in the cities was started, just before the World Cup 2010 tournaments, by a group of people inside South Africa who were concerned about the fact that the ANC-regime had announced a publication-ban on any crime-reports during this period. It can be seen on that the majority of 'whites' who were attacked countrywide, were Afrikaans-speakers. These attacks all had one fact in common: these invariably helpless, tied-up Afrikaner victims often were tortured extensively, for many hours, for no apparent reason, before they were finally killed. The attack groups have also grown in size: in 1994, the average sized-group of armed black males was four; now they AVERAGE eight. My material is NOT copyrighted and anyone is free to use any of the material I post on my blogs provided they always use all the original source-links to each individual story which I always provide on Anyone wishing to communicate with me about this may reach me at or or on Skype Adriana Stuijt.
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Feb 26, 2010
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Feb 26, 2010
My name is Adriana Stuijt. I started investigating this massive call for a jihad against Westerners in South Africa. Some of these people with Arabic-sounding names and pictures actually are local South African citizens - one works in Windhoek in Namibia and two are in Cape Town. Amazingly we also found one African-American member of Nation of Islam who is a realtor in Saint Louis who also actively encourages black South Africans to start killing all the whites. I am regularly updating this page with this new information as the Facebook members are still finding new information. What amazes me is that the South African security authorities could also easily have picked up this worrying network doing exactly what we are doing - reading the internet postings and following where they lead. And we don't have nearly the sophisticated internet-monitoring tools which the South African State has at its disposal. Makes one wonder about all those constant streams of reassurance issued by ANC-Ministers that it will be perfectly safe to attend the World Cup 2010 Football tournaments in South Africa this June. If people have any questions about our sources - feel free to write me directly at