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Karina Wright
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Sadly, 11pdt puts me pretty much at the opening number of the matinee of the show I'm stage managing. Have another one after June 13th and I'm all over it.
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the guy who said DnD was really fun was being way snide. Personally, however, I cannot express enough my happiness that that blonde chick (and I'm a girl so I can say that) doesn't play. Oh, and if I shouldn't base someone on their lifecast, then why the hell are they casting their lives? Individually, none of (except those 3) the bits bothered me terribly. taken as a whole, however, it didn't so much seem a "don't stereotype me" thing as an "oh god no, I would never do that stuff" thing. Bah.
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Because new actors will be reading this as well as the experienced. Yes, please have fun and take chances and be specific with your character choices and physicalities. But, please do remember to be polite. When you get up in front of your audience, introduce yourself and your piece. At the end, say thank you. Those simple acts can really spell the difference if it comes down to making a choice between actors of equal quality in an audition. It becomes a matter of which of these people would I rather specd weeks of rehearsal and performance time with.
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