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hurricane k
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Whats up Manny? Been reading your columns for a while now and must say you are not afraid to pull the sleeves back and get it done! This is my first post and wanted to give you the props!Someone had mentioned we needed to go out of Fla to find decent linebackers for the '10 class...I have the answer in ALEC OGLETREE out of NEWNAN,GA where I now live. He is listed on Scout and has already been offered by the U. My nephew plays baseball for Newnan and sees ALEC wearing MIAMI gear all the time. Last week I ran into ALEC at the store and talked to him about the U. He said " I cant wait to get to the U..." I told him I would be at every game this season and will present him with a new MIAMI hat at every home game to keep it fresh...! He laughed. By the way, well spoken kid, 3.8 gpa, and just made student athlete of the month at a local sponsoring car dealer! thats what I'm talkin' about CHARACTER AS WELL AS GAME! Once again, thanks for the hard work Manny! hope the rest of you out in CANES nation enjoyed my insider! later, K.P. true cane since '83!
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