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My boyfriend made reservations at this restaurant for our Valentine's Day. We could not celebrate it on the 14th, so we decided to go the night before. As we walked into the establishment, there were several other couples & parties waiting. As we were waiting to be seated, we were crammed into the dining area (standing over top of people who were already seating having their meals) and asked to stay out of the way. After 45 minutes of waiting for a reservation at 8:30, we were the last couple to be seated and a woman (owner, manager?) approached us. She explained that she did not feel that any parties would be leaving soon because everyone seems to be staying later than expected, so we should go somewhere else. She even recommended that we go to the restaurant next door. Despite our reservations, we were pretty much asked to leave. I was appalled at the terrible service, and how my celebration of the holiday was treated with such disregard. Did I find it upscale? Absolutely not. I have been to "upscale" restaurants where customer service is of utmost importance, which is not apparent at Davio. I do not recommend this restaurant, and I will make sure that I let many other people know about my experience.
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