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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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That's too bad. That money would be useful in renewable energy research.
"where many others have failed.". Others haven't failed till they stop trying.
You chose the most expensive EV as your example. There are plenty of less expensive ones available and soon coming. The Quebec government is also incentivising the expansion of high speed charging. Quebec has the added advantage of the cheapest hydro based power in North America. well as high cost H2 current.
This sounds impressive, but the 2017 QX50 combined mileage was a pathetic 20 MPG, so a 35% improvement is still only 27 mpg.
Capture hydrogen as a back up heat source for a heat pump and electricity for transport and all else. This makes maginfies the utility of a solar package.
If EVs are 1% of the world fleet, I want to be part of the 1%
Davemart. It nice to know that your mind is blown. The Roadster is out to improve on the specs of gas card like Veyrons, McLarens, Lamborghinis and other cars that sell for 2, 3 and 4 times the price. No one regularly drives those cars at their potential. It is a status symbol and proves the superiority of EVs. Oh and it's not 0-50 in under 2 seconds, it's 0-60mph. P.S. even if you drove at it's potential it would be many times greener than those other models.
46/5000 44/5000 Tenemos un crecimiento rápido, pero quieres milagros.
Would this be a better system for electric city buses as well? Is it scalable for smaller vehicles?
20+ manufacturers will catch up? Haha. If you believe that you bought short. No one is close or has a Supercharger network. The Chinese are busy trying to supply their own market, and Trump won't let them compete in the U.S.
A wind mill is for milling (grinding grain) A wind turbine is for generating power.
Interesting, so an EV running off a battery containing asphalt would be running on petroleum?
I believe the idea is to get completely off of fossil fuels. That was the reason for closing the coal power plants.
Deep breath there Davemart. Those meds are wearing off. Keep this up and you might start believing your own drivel.
EV batteries are advancing at a rapid rate while dropping in cost. When comparing you have to consider the embedded energy costs of generating, transporting and storing the hydrogen and the cost of every hydrogen filling station. (of which there are very few now.)
Sounds like an elegant solution to heat problems, though it would seem that the more pressing problem in Canada would be heating the battery.
Range? Well, lets see..."Optimized for city driving" so I guess it depends on the size of the city you want to cross.
"The average price of a new light vehicle (including both cars and light trucks) was up to a record $31,790 in 2016" After rebates, that makes the Tesla Model 3 cheaper than the average!
....and yet, engineers that are a lot smarter say that it won't be a problem. With V2G capabilities coming online and with 25-30 years to ramp up the smart grid will be MORE stable. Increasing renewable energy is stabalized by utilizing a small fraction of the available battery storage from the EV batteries at night.
The sooner we can get away from digging the stuff out of the ground the better. Plenty already in circulation for our needs. Nice to see renewable energy is making this possible. Now we still have the other toxins from fossil fuels to be concerned about. NOx, SOx, mercury, arsenic and on and on.
Problem is, if you do not use the brake pedal regularly you will not react instinctively when it's needed.