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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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Subaru's move toward electrification is great news. Love to see electric kei cars like the Sambar Dias come to N.A.
The main reason for going to a fuel cell is to prevent the release of CO2. Methanol does not solve to problem as CO2 is produced as a byproduct. It also has low efficiency.
Two capable and ethically sound companies. Something to look forward to.
What happens in an accident at -30C? Thermoplastics become brittle in cold temps.
Wow. That's a very enthusiastic outlook....for them. Of course you wouldn't expect them to tell their investors anything less.
Lazlo. "battery costs could fall during the next 10 years" ??? What would stop them from falling as they have been at a dramatic rate for the last 10 years?
Exxon's facility encouraged the continued use of coal. Enerchem's plant converts garbage to biofuels, saving landfills while lowering the requirement for fossil fuels.
If increased efficiency has a greater effect, give the subsidies to efficiency research.
If they are freedom loving they should love to be free from the clutches of oil.
I don't find it ugly at all, just distinctive.
Stationary applications. Home use? Nickel salts have been shown to be carcinogenic to the lungs and nasal passages, in cases of long-term inhalation exposure, so would require careful sealing for use in a house. This is one to watch.
"road dust also contains a number of toxic species, including heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)" No matter how you look at it, those are not so good.
That's too bad. That money would be useful in renewable energy research.
"where many others have failed.". Others haven't failed till they stop trying.
You chose the most expensive EV as your example. There are plenty of less expensive ones available and soon coming. The Quebec government is also incentivising the expansion of high speed charging. Quebec has the added advantage of the cheapest hydro based power in North America. well as high cost H2 current.
This sounds impressive, but the 2017 QX50 combined mileage was a pathetic 20 MPG, so a 35% improvement is still only 27 mpg.
Capture hydrogen as a back up heat source for a heat pump and electricity for transport and all else. This makes maginfies the utility of a solar package.
If EVs are 1% of the world fleet, I want to be part of the 1%
Davemart. It nice to know that your mind is blown. The Roadster is out to improve on the specs of gas card like Veyrons, McLarens, Lamborghinis and other cars that sell for 2, 3 and 4 times the price. No one regularly drives those cars at their potential. It is a status symbol and proves the superiority of EVs. Oh and it's not 0-50 in under 2 seconds, it's 0-60mph. P.S. even if you drove at it's potential it would be many times greener than those other models.
46/5000 44/5000 Tenemos un crecimiento rápido, pero quieres milagros.
Would this be a better system for electric city buses as well? Is it scalable for smaller vehicles?
20+ manufacturers will catch up? Haha. If you believe that you bought short. No one is close or has a Supercharger network. The Chinese are busy trying to supply their own market, and Trump won't let them compete in the U.S.