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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
Recent Activity
Magna being a Canadian company, will the cars be available here? Magna already has manufacturing plants here. They could be at least assembled in Canada.
It depends on where it is running. Some heavy snowfalls in Canada and the Nordic countries, much of Eastern Europe etc. .
A Honda with good range would be attractive to my needs.
Musk says he will soon reduce cobalt to almost nothing in his batteries. Time to check on the progress Jeff Dahn is making.
But how do they compare on price, temperature sensitivity, lifespan, rapid charge etc?
Allow for a 500 mile round trip route with a stop for disembark, meal and embark during which there is a 1 hr. charge up, and you have a full day shift for a driver.
A couple of more years of battery development will solve the range restriction without the added cost and complexity of a FC, hydrogen stations, and delivery.
By the time this is commercially available Tesla will be doing it all electric.
Once autonomous is proven safer watch insurance rates go through the roof for anything that ISN'T autonomous.
I'm sure Elon is aware. He has much of the world covered with Superchargers.By the time others catch up he will have new surprises.
Subaru's move toward electrification is great news. Love to see electric kei cars like the Sambar Dias come to N.A.
The main reason for going to a fuel cell is to prevent the release of CO2. Methanol does not solve to problem as CO2 is produced as a byproduct. It also has low efficiency.
Two capable and ethically sound companies. Something to look forward to.
What happens in an accident at -30C? Thermoplastics become brittle in cold temps.
Wow. That's a very enthusiastic outlook....for them. Of course you wouldn't expect them to tell their investors anything less.
Lazlo. "battery costs could fall during the next 10 years" ??? What would stop them from falling as they have been at a dramatic rate for the last 10 years?
Exxon's facility encouraged the continued use of coal. Enerchem's plant converts garbage to biofuels, saving landfills while lowering the requirement for fossil fuels.
If increased efficiency has a greater effect, give the subsidies to efficiency research.
If they are freedom loving they should love to be free from the clutches of oil.
I don't find it ugly at all, just distinctive.
Stationary applications. Home use? Nickel salts have been shown to be carcinogenic to the lungs and nasal passages, in cases of long-term inhalation exposure, so would require careful sealing for use in a house. This is one to watch.