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Yes but the problem is, Corner backs and safety's don't score points. If saving money makes for good management, then how are you going to get good players when you will not spend top dollar on players. Bet me, Miami will continue to be an average team for the next 5 years because they are not aggressive in gaining players. You want to compete against teams like NE, then you better do what they do because it's proven to be successful. They have the rings to prove it, and they inproved everywhere, not just on defense.
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I just don't understand why we are not as aggressive as other teams in the league with picking up good players. Look at what Wes Welker has done for NE? He was their leading receiver. Seems to me we get a player, he gets good, then when it comes time to pay him his worth, we release him and get someone worse. I just don't get the mentality of Dolphin Management or shall I call it Miss-Management.
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Yet again, the Dolphins do not appear to want to spend any money on good players. There are a lot of them out there and in order to be able to compete this year or any year for that matter, you have to get players other than from Dallas. I chose that player because he was with me when I was a coach is not a reason to select a player. What about a WR? A linebacker? Sure get a center to replace the 5 foot 10 one we have now. If you want to win, then spend some coin. Sure you can create a team from the draft, all young fresh out of high school or college and your record will show at the end of the season. I have news for all you dol-fans out there, don't expect the same kind of winning season we had last year, we will be lucky to reach 500, and that's a fact! The Ravens showed what we really were in the playoffs. Look at what NE has done and continues to do, they get good players from other teams, we just fill in holes with backups and they call that depth, I call it waist. Get some game breaking players on both sides of the ball and shell out some money, i'm sure you can get your money back by raising our ticket prices and parking like the mighty high pockets usually do. Don't be surprized if we don't pick up Coles. Why, because Pennington knows him.
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