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Hey Wil, I'm so glad your Mom and your sister are doing better now! I don't have CD, but do have some sort of problem with gluten where I need to be on a GF diet as well. Although I can tolerate it in small amounts and so I'm able to enjoy restaurants and eating at a friends house on occasion. I've been self-diagnosed and even though my health has improved dramatically in the last year, my clueless doctor can't acknowledge that there is a problem (probably just because there's no prescription he can write). I think my Dad had the same issues with gluten that I do, and I think that's why he died at the relatively young age of 65. Anyway, I just wanted to say that AWARENESS is key and I am very glad your Mom and Sis (and you) are helping folks out!
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It's awesome that you met Ken Jennings at ECCC, and shared a pic of the event with us! I also think it would be awesome to meet Watson! However, if I were to meet Watson, I'd probably be flustered and end up tripping over it's cord and it'd shutdown by the time I got to say "Hello".
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2011 on here i dreamt i was an architect at WWdN: In Exile
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I'd like an ebook version of any / all of your books. I prefer the software 'eReader' format, which has reader applications for a variety of devices and doesn't exclude (like the Kindle / Mobipocket format does).
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