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Dear Mr. Spencer, In response to your letter today, I would like to clarify a few points. 1) I have never failed to give credit to either you or Pamela at Atlas Shrugs for initiating and driving this memorial forward, ‘ever’. 2) I was very much looking forward to both you and Pamela attending the dedication to meet with us and show that we share the same values on this and many other matters. 3) The memorial was to serve two purposes, the first to honor Aqsa Parvez, as the main point, but separately (and that’s why its on a different part) to identify all who have difficulty integrating. 4) I have no control on what is put into the newspaper, only what I say to reporters, as such I find myself trying to explain statements taken out of context and/or trivialized. 5) There is not very much in your posting/letter surrounding the rational or reasons surrounding the memorial which I disagree with. 6) One statement in your missive which I will absolutely disagree with however is the accusation of ‘weasel’ behavior in not identifying and giving credit. I am not articulate enough to try to manipulate anyone verbally in any manner, I tend to be straight to the point and say what I mean. 7) I invite you to arrange a meeting with me, or pick up the telephone and call me. I think you’ll find that I am honest in my intentions, and have always been. I am looking forward to sharing a coffee or a beer with you and discussing this matter. In closing, I will state that I consider it an honor to have been involved with this project; I consider it a privilege to have had an opportunity to contribute to identifying and brining to light this horror ‘so called honor killing’. Scott McLeod Fire Chief Ps. The headline has been changed
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Disappointing Aqsa at Atlas Shrugs
Slam dunk, wonderful Pamela, now hopefully she'll be allowed to remain, and they send that trash of a family back to whatever hell they came from.
Great job Pamela, it's up to the rest of us to keep the pressure on
You hit the nail on the head as usual, Good Job Pamela
Good one Pamela, you rock. Great find.
The guy's did us proud. You are hero's Mark & Ezra
I have watched this travesty unfold in which President Obama has essentially thrown the Afghan mission under the bus due to disinterest. As a Canadian, with friends who have been in the Stan since the mission began I find this to be very dissapointing. Notwithstanding the new administration setting the 'rules of engagement' to a point that if you shoot at a soldier it is considered a trivial event, and want our warriors to read him his rights prior to shooting back. I suspect that idology will allow him to disregard the soldier's who have been injured or died, just to prove how soft & cuddly he is. I'm sorry for you guy's, I wished you had a president with the backbone to stand up to evil, but apparently the warm fuzzy feeling is more important.
What do we need to do, to stop the possiblity of another death? The underground railroad is still possible.
Having worked so hard on creating this memorial I 'do not' want other names added to the stone. I truely believe that Rifqa Bary will likely become another 'statistic' if returned to her parents. Canada/Niagara was once the end of the underground railroad, if needed we can restart it. Scott mcLeod Fire Chief
It is a day of memory for Aqsa, the memorial will be dedicated at 4:30 pm today in Pelham Notwithstanding morons who have a vast hate for themselves and all around them. Pay no attention to the pig who thinks it's amusing to post hate. Scott McLeod Fire Chief, Town of Pelham
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on Aqsa Hacked in Death at Atlas Shrugs
Fantastic job Pamela, You Rock
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on Pammyweek! at Atlas Shrugs
The old underground railroad ended in Canada. There are amny good people here who would support an effort to ensure that this would not happen. Very good article Pamela, as usual, You rock
No baby powder either, the horror. the humanity, diaper rash, noooo, what could be worse. the dreaded insect in the room. what a bunch of wankers
Absolutely brilliant Pamela, not only have you been the leader, in this charge to save the life of Rifqa, but in doing so have skewered the apologist media with a potent weapon, “the truth”. Kudos’s to you, for this article, and your work
Most Canadians stand back and wonder if the Democratic Congress and Obama have air between their ears. The Canadian Healthcare system has been in trouble for years, and requires massive infusions of money just to keep the system from totally being destroyed. A few quick fact checks for my American brothers & sisters, first, a little known fact about health care and money. 1) Canada is the single largest supplier for US oil, not Saudi Arabia as many would have you think. So how come we aren’t building these monoliths of ego as you see the Middle Eastern Royalty seems to create, such as hotels in Dubai. We have roughly the same population as Saudi, and the money has to go somewhere. 2) Canadians ‘frequently travel to the US for surgery as it is not available in Canada. We have the same level of technology, and surgical training as you but the equipment and the facilities are not available. (No money) 3) The Province of British Columbia, (our California) has recently announced that ‘1000’ needed surgeries will be cancelled because they need the funds for the Olympic Games. We are not talking about plastic nip & tucks but real needed operations. 4) If SEIU is so supportive of single payer, universal health care, why does it’s Canadian Counterparts, (yes we have these assholes too) insist on additional coverage in all of the Unions collective agreements. You’ll never guess where they go with their extended health care for surgery. 5) The single largest financial transfer from our federal government to the provinces is for health care. However most provinces cannot fulfill even the basic needs with this money. So most provinces charge an additional tax on income to cover off this shortfall. The sad fact is, a significant part of the tax goes to ensuring the massive health bureaucracy is funded, not the hospitals. If the US really wants to create a monstrosity like Canadians have, I suggest that you set up a fire on your front lawns, pour all your money into it, wait for promises to be made by the government and keep warm by the fire. Frankly keeping warm is all you’ll do, government run health care and its bureaucracy will turn into a landing strip for assholes. Just as SEIU, they’ll have supplemental plans as part of their collective bargins.
Another shining example of Canadian Islamic Dis-honor.
Not directly related, but the family honor killers from Montreal are haveing a bit of a hard time in jail Those mean old Canadian cons, what will we do. LOL
As Pamela has so rightly stated at the beginning of this article, the apathy and indifference of the media, women’s groups and society in general is astounding. While not trying to excuse Canada, in ignoring this travesty, it has been noticed and the more mainstream right of center media has begun to demand, that this be addressed. It takes a great deal for Canadians to get their dander up, but this latest dis-honor killing seems to be making the average citizen demand that there is change. Having said this, after decades of fuzzy bunny Liberal’s in power in Canada, we have basically created a catch & release program for murderers. I sincerely hope that the maggots who think that they can deal with family matters in this manner are put into the general prison population. One item that slips the notice of most of the North American media is that Canadian jails don’t have the ‘Nation of Islam’ gangs in our jails. I suspect that if they are let into the general population their stay will be terminal.
Good article, to the point and well thought out Kudo's to Pamela
Just my Canadian observation. She must scare the hell out of the left. How are they going to react to this, I believe an even bigger trashing. She has more guts than the entire Democratic Party. If nothing else this will shake more of the biased weasels out of the tree and It will also demonstrate to the American People just how screwed up the media is. Good for Sarah.
Great article Pamela, to the point and pull no punches Kudo's
Interesting article in the National Post, Canada. Read the Comments
As an outside observer, I can honestly say that in reference to the two speeches given by VP Cheney and President Obama that the winner for honesty and relevance was definitely Cheney. It was amusing as an outside observer to watch the pundits on Fox News discussing the matter. The shill for the Obama administration looked like he was going to have an aneurism that someone would dare question the integrity of Obama. I suspect that after the Fox News program, which commented on the two speeches, that the entire Liberal establishment in the US were pink from rubbing Calamine Lotion to keep down the hives. It’s interesting to note, that in the last year or so, Canadians have seen two Republican politicians in the US who have created such fury in the Liberal media, S. Palin and D. Cheney, prove themselves to be such persons of integrity. Of course this was disregarded by most of the MSM, as they continued to fawn on Obama. Just my two cents worth