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If citizens of the 50 United States actually read, understood, and believed in the noble principles embodied Declaration of Independence, they would allow denizens of the Nation's capital, Washington, DC, to participate equally in the life of the Nation, along with their countrymen in the other 50 states. "To secure these rights (among others, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness), Governments are instituted among men, deriving their Just Powers from the Consent of the Governed." The Consent mentioned in this case is given by participating in the means we as a nation use to reach a national consensus: regular election of a national legislature to make the laws under which we all must live. Shamefully, over half-a-million members of the nation (a larger population than that of the state of Wyoming), residents of the nation's capital, are STILL persistently and deliberately excluded from this process. Though they are part and parcel, progeny and posterity of the same Founders who pledged their Lives, their Fortunes and their Sacred Honor to secure these rights, the Tyranny of their Countrymen has so far precluded DC denizens' participation in the national legislature in any meaningful form. This is an American Sham(e). Washington, DC continues to be Governed Without Consent. Non-whites are now counted as whole persons, and allowed an equal vote; females are allowed an equal vote; 18-20-year-olds are allowed an equal vote. The primary groups NOT allowed tan equal vote are non-citizens, children, criminals, cretins, and... residents of the District of Columbia. For Shame, America! For Shame!
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