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Sorry sulleny but have you actually read the Q&A with Phil Jones or did you read an abbreviated version which distorted what he said (e.g. Daily Mail)? He said that the period 1995-2009 is too short to be statistically significant. That's all. Nothing about no warming since 1995 or no warming in the last 100 years (where did you take that from?). Gosh.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2010 on de Boer Resigns from UNFCCC at Green Car Congress
@Will S: A diesel engine with a DPF emits *way* less PM than a gasoline engine. Read technical literature about ICE and you'll notice when it comes to PM raw emissions, they say gasoline engines are just as bad as diesel engines. It's not about the mass, it's about the number of particles. Obviously smaller particles are even worse for your lungs.
@GreenPlease The theoretical maximum for an otto-cycle engine with a compression ratio of 10:1 is round about 60%.
@Patrick "Ideal perfect maximum"? Way higher. This sounds quite similar to the microwave ignition currently developed by MWI ( There was an article about it in the March issue of MTZ.
"Hydrogen is also 'emission-free' as a combustable fuel in a hybrid drive train" No, not only do you have NOx-Emissions from the combustion, you also have emissions from the oil/lubrication.
This does exactly the same as the VCR system by FEV. Basically it is the same.
Besides the usual thermal problems, did they even think about free inertia forces and free moments of inertia? Looks like a pain in the a...
@fred schumacher: Daihatsu? Where'd you get your numbers from? #1 is VW. Daihatsu isn't even close to the top ten.