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Mainstream Coalition
Anywhere but Johnson County, KS
Interests: Opposing religious bigotry and totalitarian liberalism.
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Thanks to the idiotic policy of treating terrorists as criminals rather than combatants, they are. You can than Osama bin Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Incompitano for the deaths that result in such lunacy. Personally, I think Obama is a greater threat to America than Osama, at least the troops have Osama under control.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2010 on Terror terrorizes at Unfettered Letters
The Democrats set the vote up specifically so they could lie about Republican support for the military. It is the Democrats(Communists) who are once again undermining our military and attacking our troops. Too bad we can't let the troops reciprocate. Our country would have fewer enemies if they did.
Boogaloo you certainly are quick to come to the defense of alleged child molesters. This is the second thread today you've spoken kindly of such proclivities and belittled the victims.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on More about the Mohlers at Crime Scene KC
Obviously you must have enjoyed the it there Boogaloo. That sounds like the voice of personal experience to me.
You still missed it. Learn to read and then start over again. And you have the gall to try and criticize others, please.
Jane, take a course on reading for comprehension. Both of the points you raise while peripheral to my argument are not the core of it and my argument certainly doesn't rest on them. Distorting my argument is no more of a logical response than the idiotic attempts to ridicule it.
There's evidence for both a moon landing and against a flat earth and people can provide that evidence. I offered a logical argument and not one of you boobs can offer a logical counter argument. Certainly the concept of an agent provocateur is hardly something I invented. Back during the 60's it was commonplace during peace demonstrations for the government agents to infiltrate the rallies and protests and incite violence. Still waiting for someone with a brain to show me the logical flaws in my theory. So far only doggydaddy has provided an intelligent response.
And still no arguments against my point. Ridicule doesn't cut it. Hitler slaughtered millions of Jews. The Klan lynched hundreds, if not thousands of blacks. Al Qaeda has murdered thousands of Americans. Name one homosexual any member of the Phelps group has ever laid a finger on.
Fine, you explain why a very intelligent man engages in behavior that is counter productive to his alleged views, but the outcome of which is very much in line with his previous endeavors. I'm just saying, take a look, it explains a whole lot and also why he still hasn't left the Democrat Party and is not comfortable becoming a Republican. And yes, eventually the behavior of the klan did backfire, but for decades their violent conduct was very effective in maintaining segregation. Phelps activities as a civil rights lawyer was highly successful and yet only if you maintain that he truly believes what he's preaching has he engaged in activities that were not only ineffective, they do indeed help his alleged opponents. You can disagree all you want, but I haven't seen one of you yo-yos argue the logic or offer anything to refute what I've said.
And why would that be? You find their hate mongering amusing?
Being a lawyer is not synonymous with making money. I'm telling you, I'm betting that they're funded by the homosexual community. The Phelps clan is the most effective weapon they have. Keep in mind here that Fred is a Democrat and also was a big time civil rights lawyer before he got disbarred. Agent provocateur for sure, for sure.
I believe that the Phelps crew are agent provocateurs for the radical homosexual lobby. Phelps is no idiot and only an idiot would assume that what he and his groups are doing is anything but counter productive. Instead, with his phony claims to be a Christian he tars those in the Christian community with legitimate concerns about the directions of the radical homosexual agenda and provides fodder for bigots like the Wichita Eagle's Crowson to lump all people of faith into Phelps' hateful basket. Agent provocateur for the homosexual community, bank on it, and I'm betting that's where his money comes from.
Incidentally, which "some legislators" are trying to push this. Let us know so we can call them up and harass them now.
No. We're the ones who will be taxed to pay the 11 million these morons will get for selling us out to the feds. Tell DC to go to hell. How many times will this be used as an excuse to pull people over just to hassle them by some porker who doesn't like their looks?
So Mickey Mouse really does exist, who knew?
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2009 on Report: No evidence of ACORN fraud at Crime Scene KC
Parkay is the only one here to hit a home run. Tiller benefited from jury nullification in the one trial he was subjected to, before that he (and the rest of the abortion industry in Kansas) has benefited from one of the most corrupt judiciaries in the country. The seven dwarves of the Kansas Supreme Court have consistently drug their feet and thwarted investigations into the abortion industry in Kansas and have even gone so far as to wage a vendetta against the few prosecutors who have tried to enforce the state's regulations against the industry. In addition, sleazebag "prosecutors" like Gary Rebensdorf and Nola Foulston have ignored criminal allegations against Tiller and his staff even when photographic evidence was provided. If those charged with enforcing the law will not they have no right to expect that others will not enforce it for them. Were I on Roeder's jury, he would be a free man. It's not that I agree with what he did, it's that the state of Kansas has forfeited any right to prosecute this man owing to its own dirty hands. Let's also distinguish here between innocent life, and guilty life. I don't hold the people who assassinated Reinhard Heydrich guilty of murder, or the person who executes the Carr brothers (when and if the state gets around to enforcing that law, once again the morons of the KSC are doing their best to not enforce the law) because they are guilty of mass murder. Yet liberals want to molly coddle these monsters. On the other hand, they have not one problem with slaughtering millions upon millions of babies, babies who are innocent of any wrongdoing. Tiller slaughter thousands of innocent babies, Roeder executed a mass murderer whom the legal authorities failed to hold accountable.
This is the ultimate canard. The very people who are to blame for all of the expense now want to use the expense to stop the death penalty. Here's a thought. if they're truly concerned about expense, let's get the death penalty on a fast track. The Carr brothers should have been dead the weekend after their trial as should John Robinson and most of the monsters who received the death penalty.
Moore's actual record gives lie to the assertions that he was a man of moderation. All of the lefty ranking systems had him on the far left of his party. The only thing that helped maintain the myth was our two lying propaganda rags, The Star and The Sun. However, even the constant lies of these two rags were not enough to cover up for Moore's cowardice once his extreme socialist record was exposed. He refused to come back and meet with his constituents and instead slithered off to his haunts in DC. No doubt he will be given a cushy no-show "job" in the Osama bin Obama regime along with the other radical preverts, Communists and tax cheats. Good riddance to a political fraud.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2009 on Moore has served Kansas well at Unfettered Letters
Dennis is indeed a liar. He holds himself out as a blue dog Democrat when he is in fact a yellow bellied socialist. And while we're uncovering his lies, where are his divorce decrees? Why are they no where to be found. What is he hiding there? Dennis Moore, coward and walking lie.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on 3rd District ‘dictator’ at Unfettered Letters
Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist. Planned Parenthood is simply an extension of her genocidal racist views.
$30- 40 bucks a plate to eat down there. This should do wonders for business. It's time to let the cities just turn to dung and wallow in their own human sewage. America is rapidly becoming just another third world hellhole thanks to our entitlement mentality and refusal to tell society's scum that no, they can not come and ruin the businesses of the hard working people who are forced to pay their way.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2009 on 3 stabbed in fight outside P&L bar at Crime Scene KC
There were comments under the articles about this, but they were so overwhelmingly hostile to this sleazeball judge, the scumbag and his shyster "mother" that they pulled them. There's always usually some apologist who tries to turn the victim into the perpetrator by blaming him for getting killed by a drunken hit and run driver (one suspects the judge's PR flack). Bottom line, just another day in KCMO's corrupt courts.
The other thing is to find out where the judge lives and picket his house until he resigns. This weasel should not be on the bench.
I see no difference between the criminal who drove the car and the criminal setting on the bench. It is truly unfortunate that we don't tar and feather folks like this anymore. If we did certainly the "judge", Mertensmeyer and the b%^$# that whelped him should all go into the same vat of tar.
I see no difference between the criminal who drove the car and the criminal setting on the bench. It is truly unfortunate that we don't tar and feather folks like this anymore. If we did certainly the "judge", Mertensmeyer and the b%^$# that whelped him should all go into the same vat of tar.