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That adjustable seat doesn't look very user friendly
This rig seems an efficient use of all of that 'excess' diesel currently being exported. The combo of stop start and highway mpg should be attractive to long distance commuters. Fair comparisons with hybrids would be very good for the market place.
Patrick, Amazing how not reading (or even just perusing as I did) the source of information can skew ones conclusions. 1. Page four of the four of the report 2. see above 3. The report and this site isn't about the "average consumer" Try Car and Driver or some such.
danm Patrick "page 78 of the report, page 92 of the pdf itself"... Hyundai =27% Truck
"but why would you lease land for oil development when there was no oil there?" $3-$4 an acre for leases thats why
Doctoral thesis are the path to 'best science' and are often the only 'hard look' mandated by government policy, law, and common sense. Snap judgments are the sign of ignorance HG... your path to alchemy is deluded. This area is very large and one project recently green lighted by Obama money costs $1500+ per acre to just thin. But by all means eat and drink away to your hearts content! The conclusions of this study make perfect sense... "use ___ forests for their best role" Fighting fires on the west side of the Cascades is largely futile anyway. The arcain practices of throwing large ammounts of money into them so that the government can be seen to be taking action is insane. Proactive smart management would suggest thinning overcrowded foersts in the urban interface but don't expect to find much gold (or fuel you can put in your car)in those hills. At least the dean didn't try to censor this work...