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Come on, what about Nash, Rondo, Mo Williams, Tony Parker, or Deron Williams....Dwade is great but he is not as good of a PG as these guys. he is obviously one of the best players in the game but he can't play that position to the level that these guys can.
Your so elementary, I'm simply presenting facts that you can't respond to, but that's fine you think what you want. I'm just one of those Wade fans who understands when he plays bad and is not going to make excuses for him. You are the one who doesnt understand basketball obviously...get a clue.
Detroit is a bunch of washed up players w/o billups. Miami would have beat them in 5 or 6 games no doubt
Yes Wade choked.. You say he is surrounded by trash but he has been all year and they made it this far. If wade would have played like he did today all year we would have been home a long time ago.
Even though Shaq was not in his prime he still was an All-Star and was a big reason why we won the title. Alonzo and Tim were both all-star's though. You can't expect Riley to out together a team of All-stars every year no one can do that but two all-stars is something every team would love. There are no guarantees for anything. For example: no one can guarantee a NBA title for LA this year but there is a great chance it happens.
JD, I agree with that but my point is that he can't be getting to upset because he didn't play his game. When he plays his game he makes everyone else better which leads to better overall production. Joe Johnson was making Wade look silly tonight. Don't get me wrong I love Wade but this was his game to win and he choked.
He's good at getting a bunch of underachieving scrappy hustlers around one lone superstar That's an asinine statement for 3 reasons. 1- yeah Shaq and Wade were not two all-stars or anything where I come from those are TWO superstars. 2- Riles has already said they are making room for two max contracts in 2010. 3- Alonzo, Hardaway, Mashburn, you think Timmy and jamal were scrappy too.. Come on that comment is just taking it too far
For the record, some of yall keep saying Wade is gone, but in reality anyone who watched the game today can see that he did not play like the Dwade we all have come to love. I think that this team will continue to get better and Riles will make the necessary changes to make this team even more competitive next season. Let's just be glad we don't have to get in the way of the Cavs because that series would not have been pretty. I also think that if we would have had Moon and Head for this entire series it would have been a bit different. Why would Wade leave Miami he is a superstar here and he knows that Riley will set up a stacked team in 2010 which will without a doubt compete for a title.
The Dorell issue is sad because last year I was kind of excited about how he would look this year but now he is just another guy at the end of the bench..On the other hand he isn't in playoff form and it really isn't fair to throw a guy in there for a game 7 who isn't ready mentally or physically
ohyeah, back to some of your comments earlier about the lineup. You have to realize that you can't judge our team by last night's game because they were without 2 of their best players, Horford and Williams. We play a totally different game when the Hawks have Horford and i think if Joel and Mags was going against Horford instead of Jones come on..Pachulia was the only good big man for them last night..I think beas would be a good starter but he shoots way to much and we need to take our time on offense so the tempo will stay in our favor
So you sit James Jones out who is starting to actually play his game and make shots? Why would you sit him out now? And take Haslem out who is arguably our hardest worker and team captain w/ wade
Good call Mina flash thats what im saying.
I understand that Anthony and Magloire played well tonight but you can't start to say Spo should sit JO in game 7....If you dont remember he played great in almost every playoff game, especially our wins when he put up both 22 and 19 with 6 and 10 rebounds and a couple blocks each game....So even though J and M played well tonight you can't try and sit JO out because he is a big part of why we are at 3-3
So look fellow Heat fans....I was on some Hawks blogs earlier just messing with them all and I realized how dumb some fans are because almost all of them are completely criticizing DWade saying he is a cry baby and is over-rated....One guy tried to tell me that he didn't dominate tonight even though he had 41 points...What is up with these people I just hope we can go to ATL and beat the shyt out of them so they can shut up.... Oh and how did yall feel about all those thugs in blue tonight: Bibby kicking chalmers, Smith crying about getting hung, and Evans having a temper tantrum