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I purchased an authentic NYRB jersey for $10, which I thought was an awesome sale, but I see why it was on sale. Now I'm too ashamed to even ware it!!! $10 lost - I could have had several beers. Someone please buy this team out... FU Red Bull ownership -they can kiss my @#$ good-bye!... What's the deal with the Cosmos? Any word on them coming back? Maybe we can convert a USL team and bring them into the MLS? whatever... I don't think we'll see a Barca game around here for a while.
Angel, I agree with you 100%, but the reality is that those guys you mention (for the most part -Gatusso???) know how to play hard without attracting the yellow cards. Our guys still have a hard time w/ tough play & not getting the yellow cards! This tourney was an attempt to clear that, but look where it got us. Total balance is very thing!
You know I don't get this... Bornstein, Kljestan, Casey??? What's the deal with coach Bradley & Torres? He should have been called up. If I were Torres I would switch over to the Mexician NT... as a good "F" you Coach Bradley!!!
"HD is all I care about....Great news!!!" Exactly - I second that!!!