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oh please guys all this stuff about his offseason stuff just stop. Hes been one of the hardest working dolphins the last 10 years and that includes when he went to offseason programs. Well he happened not to wanna go to them last year bc he was in that dancin crap and bc his team was a mess. He finally was sick of the coaching changes and bad drafts and the fact that BECK/McCOWN were supposed to be out starting QB and etc. It took its toll. Than also as this was all happening parcells took over so that was a bad time to start not wanting to go to offseason drills. SO in all it was just bad timing and JT couldnt take it anymore. If you ask JT if he would change what he did last year he wouldve came to the OTAs and worked his butt off like he always has and we would've had a 1st rd bye. And maybe even a ring.....SO BRING JT BACK!! COME JT COME BACK THE DOLPHINS ARE BACK!!
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lets bring back SURTAIN and MADISON!!
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i'd take TO iffffffffff he got some kind of contract that said if he became some kind of a cancer we can cut him free of charge.
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