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As I stated at, Rosanne Bar is a far-left, far-"progressive", conspiracy theory LOON!. She has a radio show on KPFK (Pacifica Radio Los Angeles Discussed here and here.) and often spouts off about how she is a Jew, then follows it up with how disgusted she is by the Jews, and how they run the Government, are all evil Zionists, and kill Arabs babies for sport. She qualifies this blatant Anti-Semitism by stating that she is a “Jew” and thus can say these things. Wrong! She is a disgusting human being who really should be taken out of society. It is no surprise that we would be discussing this on Tish b'Av. Heeb is right at home with Rosanne. Their idea of satire, and humor is exactly what we are discussing. They are crude, prurient, disgusting, and practically constantly offensive. They are the worst of modern secular "Judaism: in the form of a magazine (ie: far left liberalism parading around as Judaism) This is not the first time they have been openly Anti-Semitic, and I fear it won’t be the last. Like Barr, they excuse their own filth by claiming that they are Jews and thus can say it. Again, wrong! My significant other lost an entire family but for a father to Hitler. There are no Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Just the significant other and the father. Think about that for a minute! A family family friend of mine was unable to have children her entire life (or a real relationship with anyone) as she was a victim of Dr. Mengele's experiments to her "female parts" as a young girl, and she was left barren. In addition, my brother’s wife’s family were in Auschwitz. The Holocaust is not a joke! Hitler, and putting Jews in oven isn’t funny in any context!
One good thing about this is that Obama's policies are encouraging growth is Yesha, and proud Jews to stand up and use their mouths. 2.0 The Blogmocracy has had quite a few very fact laden and informative posts regarding the ongoing struggle regarding the settlement issue, including one that evidences that Medina was originally a Jewish city until Islam occupied it. May this be the new beginning of the Jewish Zealots. The Land of the Torah for the people of the Torah!