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A well connected source of mine that was dead on about most Heat offseason transgressions this past summer told me trade talks are really starting to heat up around the league. He says the Heat is in a wait and see mode but they have been contacted by many teams willing to dump salary for the Heats expirings. He says right now the Heat won't get the best possible deal because it's too early. Expect the demands of other teams to lessen closer to the deadline. Right now every team is trying to rip each other off. He did say that the Raptors tried to offer up a complicated three way deal including Bosh to Miami but their demands were too much for Riley to even consider the deal. Also, if Miami does pull the trigger to get Bosh and only gives up Beasley and fillers, it will be on the same day they make other big time moves. Keep an eye on Al Harrington, Corey Magette, Caron Butler as well as Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, Raymond Felton, Baron Davis, Luis Scola, Tracy Mcgrady, Andre Biedrins, James Posey, Samuel Dalembert and Okefor as possible acquisitions to fill out the roster if we acquire Bosh. He says he sees a Bosh to Miam trade has a 50/50 chance of happenning by the deadline. A lot will depend on if Miami can coordinate the right trades to compliment a possible Wade Bosh duo on the day of tbe Bosh trade. He also believes Steve Blake will be our starting point guard by the deadline if Portland doesn't succeed in packaging him for a player they are very interested in. He also made it clear Lebron to Miami has a great chance of happenning but if Riley can work the right trades to compliment a Bosh Wade duo Riley will likely scrap the Lebron plan.
The tardiness reason for the benching is just an excuse so he doesn't lose his confidence. It's a way to bench him without sending him the message that he sucks, which is the real reason for the benching.
Yeah, Im sure Lebrons family will be really happy him choosing New Jersey( the entire state smells like a garbage dump) over their hometown of Cleveland or the beautiful beaches of Miami. Lebron's will go where he can win titles immediately. New jersey and new York won't be contenders until they add more pieces around Lebron and who knows how long that will take. Lebron is a very impatient person and will choose where he will win right away. And Im not talking about where he can win 55 games , Im talking about joining a championship organization run by proven championship management and owners. If he feels like it's Cleveland , he will stay. If he feels like it's Miami he will come. One thing I know, it definately won't be New York or New Jersey.
Wow, what a great scenario for Lebron's family. Live in beautiful weather during the cold wintry NBA season. Lebron's grandma must be begging her grandson to sign with Miami.
Jamaal Tinsley looking good in Memphis. Heat dropped the ball not signing him.
Wade has said he has dreamed of the chance to team up with Lebron. In no way shape or form would he mind Lebron coming here. Get off your hater soap box and just accept the fact it is likely to happen.
Lebron wouldn't be second bananas to Wade. He would come as the unquestioned first option and Wade would play off him just like the olympics. Wade knows his game is ten times better when playing with another star. As far as the closer role, I think that would depend on who has the easier matchup. Sorry to disapoint the haters but this has a great chance of happening barring the Heat going the trade route this year if they can swing a deal for Bosh. Most fans believe Beasley for Bosh deal leaves the Raptors ripped off. Here is the espn insider article about the Beasley Bosh deal. Beasley for Bosh possible? 9:24 AM ETMichael Beasley | Heat Top Email Should the Miami Heat look at trading Michael Beasley to the Toronto Raptors for Chris Bosh? Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has some thoughts on the subject. Winderman writes: "Beasley's strides off the court with his maturity should not be understated. Last summer certainly provided a wakeup call. Yet with his improved recent play, one wonders if that means the Heat now will strike when the value is maximized. I still have a hard time, myself, deciding whether a Bosh-for-Beasley deal in February would be worth losing out on the opportunity to otherwise add a free agent alongside Beasley and Dwyane Wade in the offseason. ... Remember, though, if the Heat gets a Bosh before the trading deadline, it then can use Bird Rights to re-sign Bosh and Wade, and therefore also be able to use Bird Rights with Udonis Haslem, Jermaine O'Neal and Quentin Richardson, if for nothing other than sign-and-trade transactions(or trading them before the deadline.)"
Lmfao at I- Win the blogger still posting negatively about Beasley after his drastic improvements in maturity, defense, and overall game. I'm convinced I-win is either Ira himself or someone on his team that's purpose is to keep this Haslem versus Beasley thing going on this blog for as long as possible. The more this Haslem vs Beasley thing goes on the more hits the blog gets and as a result more money for the blog from advertisers.
My prediction is GarrettKall is high as f*ck right now.
exactly!..the key is does he want Miami?
"If not, then I'd trade Bosh and maybe Calderon for say Biedrins, Ellis and a first, something like that" And Bosh's motivation to resign with GS would be?..... My point is it takes two to make a trade happen and if the team he tries to get traded to doesnt feel he will resign they wont trade for him.
Slow footed Chalmers and James Jones have everything to do with our horrendous on ball and pick and roll defense. Smart teams attack them. Combine that with our inept offense and you get a blowout.
As I stated before the problem is not Wade and the problem is not that we don't have shooters. The problem is that those shooters are robotic stiffs that can't do anything but shoot. This results in teams packing the paint to take away wades drive. Once Wade kicks it out to the open shooters, defenders run full speed out to the perimeter and usually get there on time because they can run out to them at full speed due to the fact they don't have to worry about our robotic shooters putting the ball on the floor. As a result our shooters are stuck at the end of the shot clock desperately moving the ball back to Wade who ends up chucking jumpers. Until we acquire more versatile NBA caliber perimeter players nothing will change. This offense will be ugly to watch until changes are made. Am I clear or do some of you still not get It or do you simply just disagree?
Omg a magloire sighting!!!!!
You forgot to mention dwright, chalmers, cook that's 8 scrubs on the roster.
The more I see this team the more I believe we must go the trade route to rebuild the team. We gotta go for having 8-9 versatile solid players versus 2 max guys and a bunch of scrubs.
Teams are packing the paint like crazy when Wade drives. All he can do is kick out to our shooters but the problem is teams run back out quickly to the shooters and they just don't have the skills to blow by the defender that's running at them. Chalmers, Jones, Qrich in particular. Orlandos three point shooters are different because if you run out to defend the 3 they are athletic enough to drive in. That's the difference and the main reason Wade is not the same. For some reason teams didn't pack the paint as much last year against Wade as this year. I think the Hawks showed everyone in the playoffs last year how to defend Wade and they are copying that formula this year. The only way to counter this is to acquire more athletic, less robotic, better ballhandling perimeter players to compliment Wade.
Wades form on his free throws gets worse after every attempt. He shoots nothing but line drives.
It's hard to watch such bad fundamentals fom this team on man to man defense. Makes one wonder what the heck they teach in practice.
We are totally getting exposed at point guard on both ends of the floor.
Typical pattern when we play great teams. Starters compete for the first quarter and keep the game close. Then the bench comes in and destroys the flow of our offense. Same pater in the beginning of fourth quarters
Joel Anthony instead of magloire. Why why why?
They're attacking jones like crazy!
Josh, Bosh used to not be a good finisher. This year he has taken his game to a beastly level finishing strong. He gets to the line a great deal during games. I've been watching a lot of him this year. He's a dominant low post threat that happens to have a great mid range game.