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Had a similiar experience where a few of us at Microsoft discovered the game early on. Bought a ton of cards and played the hell out of them and stopped around Ice Age timeframe. Stored them in a box and forgot about them... Cut to 14 years later and people are talking about it at work again one day cause their kids are playing. "Oh yah, I had some of those." I brought them in and my buddy started doing the same freak out thing about the sleeves. It was hilarious. Anyway, I got them all sorted out and ended up selling them on e-bay for around $6000 total. Most of that was the 3 Black Lotus and the alpha/beta cards. Crazy.
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Wil, If you haven't used it already, you should login to the wizards site and try their encounter builder. It's very nice for putting together encounters for odd (3) numbers of players. Gives you ability to tailor the encounters for their level and how much challenge. It's stuff you could do by hand, but I found it gives me interesting new ideas as well.
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I ran games for my son and friends for a while. It was some of the best times ever. He's off to school now (sigh) so we only get to play every once in awhile. Enjoy these times.(Cue: Harry Chapin) My group (all over 40, all playing since the grey box edition) finished Keep and are into Thunderspire now. Great stuff and really easy to modify when necessary to fit your story line. I actually split a section of the Keep off to the dig site and that worked well.
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I actually have this (and their follow-on album!) on CD. Do you remember the dwarf in the video? Creeped me out to no end.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2009 on From the Vault: the safety dance at WWdN: In Exile
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