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**** game. Why is Beas warming the bench during crunch time? It's like last season all over again. There will be consequences for this. **** SPO
Why is Beasley the only starter riding the bench during crunch time? **** Spo.
Vintage Spo performance tonight. Haslem must've given him a good BJ before the game.
OBJECTIVE OBSERVATION: Beasley didn't look that great.
So who's the real coach of this team? Wade, Riley or Spoelstra?
Michael Jackson is dead !!!!!! :-( :-( :-(
These mediocre Orlando Magicians are as good as done.
WOW, I didn't know Beasley had daughter. Born out of wedlock apparently. tsk tsk... Hopefully this'll help him mature faster..
wait nevermind, I think this is Beasley's real twitter account... Does anyone know if this is Michael Beasley's real Twitter account or a fake?
LMAO at Beasley getting out of the way of Josh Smith and Spo SCREAMING AT HIM. HAHAHAHAHA
Beasley plays so good in garbage time.
We need offense, why is our best three pointer shooter, DAEQUAN COOK NOT ON THE FLOOR?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why can't we put cook in? Chalmers has played like total ass. Cook is capable of exploding for 5 to 6 three pointers out of nowehere.
James Jones is a piece off focking SH*TT. Get him out of the fOCKING GAME. HE STOLE COOK'S minutes just because Spo is trying to justify the off-season signing. Cook >>>>>>>>>>>> Jones GET THIS LINE UP OUT IN THE 2nD HALF: PG: Wade SG: Cook SF: Beasley PF: Haslem C: Magloire
Haslem is losing the game huh? He's gotten how many offensive rebounds now?
What's been up with Beasley's jumpshot lately? Pretty terrible. He missed several wide open jumpers off passes from Wade and chucked up 2 ugly looking threes (one that hit the side of the backboard). UGH
Josh Smith has resorted to THUGGERY!
Has Beasley taken 30 shots yet?
Once again I will say: Beasley's offensive is overrated.
Beasley's offense is so overrated.
Beasley can't carry this offense. He settled for a softy jumpshot posting up joe johnson and got his soft layup blocked by josh smith.
If Beasley doesn't step up tonight, he's in for a tough tough offseason.