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souljahbeats...the phins arent even in the same league and you know it.My buddy who is a phins fan was on this blog reading that mess and WE couldnt beleive it.The only reason the phins even made the playoffs was because the jets folded at the end.You had one winning season in how many years and now everyone is a miami fan????Your team sucks and so does your young talent...the tuna will be out of there after this saeason and then we will see this great young talent you and the rest of this blog is bragging about.
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I am a PATRIOTS fan and have always been a PATRIOTS fan.I was a fan when they were the worst team in football and when they were the best team in football.For me to sit and read this mess thats spewing forward from all of your mouths that the dolphins are in the same league as the patriots is sickening!!!ONE year with the wild cat offense(that will never work again) got you half your wins.Defenses will be prepared for that highschool football...NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?Talk to me when you can get 2 winning seasons in a row(pats have been doing that for how long).Just to let you know that marino sucked with zero superbowl wins and shula was overated.........
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