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I believe the NFL norm for WR is 3 to 4 yrs to develop into something special. I don't know the norm for a NT. Perhaps Nolan did have something to do with his progress. We need to keep him none the less. I don't think the FA or draft has a replacement so we need to take the risk. I don't think he's an elite money player so if some team is willing to give him Wilfork(Patriots) type of money...let him go. If memory serves; he's a don't we get some type of compensation? Let me know.
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Holt: Would be a solid signing if we didn't already have a sorry, old, unproductive receiver making too much money...every team needs one! In his defense; which one of you hasn't had a bad day/attitude on the job? Who wants to play for the Rams? PacMan: Please... Matt Jones: Now, that would be fun. Can you see the conversation in the locker room between him and Porter? Remember Porter's thoughts on his playing time/suspension/ and fines last year? I say Porter breaks his neck in response to a stupid comment and then we're out 10-13 sacks next season due to manslaughter charges. Taylor: Doesn't have the desire to go through a complete camp. He wants a fat contract in Hollywood, I see him in the Silver/Black next year...looking for the silver-screen...It's a shorter commute to LA. Hope I'm wrong, I just adore him and what he's done for us over the years. Cutler: Why? We have two very capable QB's. We got to the playoffs with them. We were knocked out for other glaring reasons. I realize the INT's didn't help. Rolle: He's interesting and would like to hear more thoughts on that. I agree with many of the opinions to just pick up FA depth in a paticular position and watch the wire. The better FA's are gone now.
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I've been reading everyone's comments, they're insightful. Been a loyal fan since 77. Here's my thoughts; The Pats were a better team last year, remember the second game, we were beat in every phase of the meeting. We took them by surprise in the first matchup, nobody can disagree. They reload every year with coaches, players, and management staff. They're doing it again! They manage to get a few more gallons out of "empty tank" players while they build through the draft. Wait a minute, shouldn't we be doing that? Passing up on 30+ yr old players is a poor decision; provided they have the right attitude and understand their role. Remember V. Holliday? Although our records were the same at the end of last year, they were a better team on paper and the field, now they're adding veteran depth and just watch them in April. We made up a lot of ground on them last year but we're slipping in the FA market. Parcell's and crew are much more intelligent than I; hope they show me why they all have 7 digit incomes. Trust!
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