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Jozy has got to grow up and stop tweeting. Your a pro soccer player not a media outlet. The same goes for Freddy and Chuck D and the rest of our young players. Just play the game and the attention you want will come with what you do on the field. I don't see any of the world's best tweeting e.i. Kaka, Messi. Find something better to do with your time Jozy.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2009 on Brown gives Altidore a life-line at Soccer By Ives
what happened... About the Nazzani/Arguez/Bernardo incident in Florida earlier this year. Anyone have a link?
I think this is the most watered down U-20 team in the the past 3 cycles. I think putting Adu on the team is a win-win. Adu gets much needed PT, with people his own age. The team gets a player that should at least get them out of the group. I'm not saying let's bring Altidore, he is getting PT.(Even though I would loved to see that) But Adu is not, and I don't think he will this whole season. Not with Kerrison at Benfica.
Adu should've made the call to Rogen. "Let get on the team again coach, so I could show my talent against my peers". It's better than sitting on the bench for the next six months to a year. @yankiboy U-20 means twenty and under there are guys older than Adu on this roster
Lucky Baldwin's, Pasadena, California.
Casey looks like he belongs in my beer belly league. Cooper should have been on this team.
What the hell Casey Again!!!????
I was just about to complain about Dempsey, let get one more just incase Italy scores one. Bob still needs to get fired!