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Bonnie Clark
St. Petersburg, Florida
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Hi David - Unfortunately, the 665N is so dated, I don't have exact specs on its housing but the 668RP has proven to be the best whole replacement for most customers. You should compare your opening in the ceiling to the 668RP housing size at 14-3/4 X 7-7/8 X 5-5/8 deep. Here's the link to the 668RP:
The 8663RP lens has an approximate outer diameter of 9-1/2". We suggest you measure your existing lens to see how it sizes up. There's no guarantee it will be a perfect match, however.
Hi Rob, thanks for your question. We offer technical advice and step-by-step guidance for our customers Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM EST. We offer technical support by appointment, as well. Please email However, this is a private support we provide to customers who have shopped and installed with Central.
Thanks for writing, Ed- There is only ONE option available to fit a 665N opening without a light and it is the 9905 model. It is VERY expensive at $216.00, so it's not a big seller. Here is the link to the 9905: If I can make a suggestion, however, I would recommend saving your money and buying the 668RP ValueTest fan. It has a light, but many of our customers simply do not plug in the bulb. At only $88.00, it will save you a lot of money in the end. Here's the link to the 668RP:
Hello Lori - I have a couple suggestions. First, NuTone no longer offers a replacement fan motor for the 665. However, Packard makes an identical motor that will be a match for your broken one. Note, this is NOT a genuine NuTone part. But for $35, it may be the quick fix you're looking for and save you a whole lot of drama. Here's the link for the correct Packard fan motor: Second, the 668RP is your best option for a complete replacement. However, there is NO GUARANTEE your opening will be an exact match. To check, measure your existing housing first. The 668RP housing size is 14-3/4 X 7-7/8 X 5-5/8 deep. Here is the link to purchase the 668RP:
Hello Steve- Thanks for your question. The 3-wire door speaker will only function with a push button if you have a working NuTone IMA-3303 or IMA-4406 intercom system. Thanks again!
Hello Jeff - Here is a link to all available replacement parts for your 665N heater:
Yes, the 763RL is discontinued. Your best option is to buy the specific kit designed to replace the 763RL. There are two options. The "New Style" will feature a sleeker grill that's a bit more contemporary. The "Old Style" will look very similar to what you already have. As for the models you found at your local store, there is no guarantee that they will fit into your existing opening. It's much safer to buy a designated upgrade kit. See below. Here's the link for the 763RL-NB Upgrade Kit New Style: Here's the link for the 763RL-NB Upgrade Kit Old Style: Hope this helps! -Bonnie from Central
Hello Craig. It's true that the QT-90 has been long discontinued. However, repair and replacement parts are still available for that series, including the motor, fan, housing, grill, and more. Here's the link to all available parts that will fit your existing fan: To answer your original question, no. This QT110N Upgrade Kit will not fit your existing opening without modification. Hope this is helpful!
Hi David - The fan is discontinued, but if you're looking to simply repair it, the motor for the unit is still available. With a new motor assembly, the unit may work like new. We always advise customers to make sure they can get the old motor off the original mounting bracket first before ordering. Here's the link to the correct motor assembly for the 8662NL: The NuTone recommended replacement is the 8663RP. The "guts" of the new 8663RP will not fit into your old housing, so you will have to change the entire unit. The duct size for the 8663RP is 4". It's likely your duct is 3", but it's easy enough to augment. Here is the link for that fan: Thanks for your question and good luck!
Hi Terry - Thanks for the question. We wish we had better news, but there is not an easy solution for your broken 605N. Current replacement options will not fit your exact opening. It will require a little drywall work. But the up side is that new fan models offer exciting features like motion sensing, auto-on humidity sensing, and even bluetooth music capability. You can shop new models here:
Hello Ray. Yes, the NuTone 23405SER Motor is the correct replacement part for your 8662NL fan. Here is the link to the motor only: It is also available as an Assembly (Motor and Blower Wheel) here: I'd like to note that the shipping time on this motor is extended. NuTone is currently on backorder. However, if you can wait, it sure beats replacing the whole fan.
Hello Michael! Thank you for your question. The above 763RL replacement motor assembly AND the 763RL-NB upgrade kit you mentioned will not increase the CFM beyond 50. Both feature a comparable motor to your original 763RL and will produce an equivalent CFM. Stubborn steam is both a nuisance and a hazard. If you end up shopping for a complete replacement, NuTone's newer fans offer CFM's as high as 110 and features like "Humidity Sensors" and even bluetooth music speakers. It's a whole new world for ventilation! Here's a popular model you can research. The QTXEN080FLT model is from NuTone's "Ultra Silent" series, so it will be equal in noise output to your current 763RL but offers 80CFM. Hope this helps! For more assistance, call our ventilation specialist line at 1-727-527-8818
Hi Carl! Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for your dilemma. There is not a quieter model that can be upgraded without replacing the housing. However, we do have a replacement grill & lens assembly that may give you a refreshed look until you decide to replace the unit entirely. (You were indeed correct that the parts finder took you to the wrong page. Our apologies!) The correct Grill & Lens Assembly for the NuTone 669LN is:
Hello Bill, The above QT110N Kit is the available replacement to update your NuTone QT80B. If you are looking for parts for your QT80B, here is a link to all available repair and replacement parts: . All of these parts as well as the QT110N Kit can be purchased directly on the website. New QT110N Kit fan replacement kit link:
Hello Kara. Here is the link to the 668N Motor Only Replacement Motor:
Hello Dave, The 665N Heater has been long discontinued. Here is a link to all available replacement parts:
Hello Wayne, Here is a link to all the available replacement parts for your 665N Heater:
Shucks, Eric. I know it's not what you want to hear, but there is no longer a replacement assembly available for that model. And, unfortunately, there is not a current model that will fit within the same housing dimensions. I'm afraid it may be time to install a new fan. Thanks for your question. We hope you'll consider shopping for your new model!
Hello Doug - There are limited parts available. It sounds like perhaps you're looking for a replacement grill cover, though? If so, there are no longer grill covers for sale. If it's another part you're looking for, call 1-727-527-8818.
Hello JonnyBO - What you want is the QT80N Upgrade Kit. It's a complete upgrade kit just like the above QT110, only it's designed for the original QT80. Here's the link: Thanks!
Sorry Bryan, the 605N B is no longer manufactured. For a list of available parts, visit here:
Sorry Christine. Parts for this unit are no longer available.
Hello John, Your model is an 80. Here is a direct link to the motor and motor assembly replacement for your fan:
Hi Eugene, We offer the iMi2013 adaptor to connect an iPod or other mP3 player to your IMA4406. To learn more about this product, visit: We also offer a wireless access device from Lotshine Tech. To learn more about this product, visit As always, call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with a tech!