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I'm one of those "Johnny-Come-Latelys", only following the blog for the last two years or so, but I'm glad you stuck in there. See you at PAX '11!
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My favourite comics writer is Brian Michael Bendis. Brought into the Marvel Comics family originally to work on some side-project going under the title Ultimate Spider-Man, Bendis reinvigorated everything for Marvel. The success of the Ultimate line lay in the fact that they weren't tied to decades of history, nor to the need to keep characters alive for marketing purpose, and Bendis used this to its fullest. Yet despite the fact that the core MU was bogged down in decades of history, Bendis was ably to leap right into that as well and refresh and revive everything I loved about Marvel comics at a time when I was beginning to grow tired of "Character X dies tragically to sell comics now and in 6 months when Character X returns". Where the Ultimate Universe was a chance to tell fresh stories, Bendis proved that it wasn't an exclusive playground, and the same ingenuity could be applied to the Core Universe. His work on USM has remained top notch to this day (The only Ultimate title (or, possibly, comic in general) to be consistently enjoyable throughout it's existence). His work on his creator owned Powers is fantastic and I weep that we still don' have a TV series based on it. In the end, I think Brian Michael Bendis' greatest legacy will be that he inspired Marvel writers to allow their characters to grow and evolve in a meaningful way,and more important, convinced the powers-that-be that this was the right thing to do. Thanks to his pioneering vision, we have a new Captain America, a new Fantastic Four, a new Avengers, a Secret Avengers, the list goes on. He didn't write them, but he proved that change is good. And after 60 years of reading the same stories told by different writers, the reading public ate it all up, proving change isn't just good, it's Amazing.
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Ha! Just rewatched the Iron Man one again. Paramount did Iron Man too! Rock! Hopefully they will include it then.
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Awesome! Right up there with the genius Wildly Popular 'Iron Man' Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full Length Film Let's home Paramount have the same sense of humour as Marvel and put this on the DVD release of the movie as Marvel did with Iron Man!
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