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I agree that he has disappeared a bit, but that does not mean that it makes sense for some to say that Dempsey is now the leader of the US team because he scored one big goal for the US and had a good club season. That is my point, because Donovan had proved over many years to be the difference maker. And I think he will prove to be the difference maker these next couple of game with the US.
I don't understand how people are saying that it is now Dempsey's team and that he is the offensive leader. Yes he had an important goal against Italy. But how many big goals or assist had landon had in the past? Who cares if it was three years ago. Landon has always been the one to make the US team click and to be honest since landon has not been playing the attacking ability of the US team has been rather poor. I mean it would be one thing if the US team had been really good attacking wise without Donovan up to this point but I seem to remember a team who at times makes me miss the good ole days with Bob Bradely and his counter attacking football that at least was somewhat effective. I know that it is going to take a while for the US team to get Klinsmans style of play down and I honestly think Landon is going to flourish like no other player under Klisnman. My point is that we have not been playing that impressive under Klinsman, outside the Italy friendly, and so for people to act like this is Dempsey's team seems to me to be a little dumbfounding.
True, but were not like every league in the world. We have what is called a salary cap. Which, in the mls, does not allow for teams to have quality depth. This is not an excuse. I am just pointing out the fact that every other league is different.
This is how I see it... If I had to choose between one and the other I would choose Landon simply because what he has done for the MLS and the US team. Landon at his best=US at its best
It is crazy. The top 3 teams in my opinion are all in the western conference. That being the galaxy, sounders, and salt lake. It is a shame that only one of them is going to make it to the finals.
Colorado's reward for being the worst out of the west conference. Getting an easier road in the east. The play-off system is laughable.
Hater alert! I mean it is not like the premier league or the world cup has higher quality competition than the ccl.
People who continue to say that omar is not good enough to be in the first 11 are totally clueless. He has been great for the galaxy this year. I think he needs to see more time with the US team.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2011 on MLS Players Choice Best XI at Soccer By Ives
Let me clarify, I think Duniviant is more deserving of the spot than franklin.
I do not understand why some people are questioning why four la galaxy players made it. 1. Landon Donovan, although he hasnt been at his best. He is still one of the top players in the league. 2. David Beckham, has been pure class all season. If he had not been hurt for those three game he would have even more than 3 assists. 3. Omar Gonzalez, he has been easily one of the best defenders in the league. Right up there with olave and borchers. 4. Sean Franklin is a good right back but I think Duniviant is more deserving. The fact of the matter is that LA has been at the top all year long which is why they have four players make the team.
David Beckham tackled Tchani yesterday. Beckham got a yellow card which was the correct call. Tchani needs to shut up and just play. Beckham has had like 7 yellow cards this year which is far from preferential treatment.
Let's go!
I rather have boca in the center and lichj at left back.
Both is fine, but the USA national team is what got me into soccer.
Ream! No! He is not ready for international play!
I am excited for this game. Country>club for me. It seems that a lot of US fans feel the same way. Which is intriguing because many European fans do not support their national team. What about you guys?
I agree it has been ineffective, but it has been ineffective with no real attacking mid in the game. We have not seen someone like Adu be put in the advanced position. That is my point. I agree that has been ineffective up to this point, but I am not ready to say it cannot work. Especially since there a few players who might make the formation work who have not gotten the opportunity.
Yeah but when we she tried out the 4-2-3-1 we had I believe Edu play in the offensive minded role. I want Adu to get a try out at that advanced role.
I agree that we need an attacking midfielder, that is why I said we should go for the 4-2-3-1 formation. Howard Cherundolo Goodson Bocanegra Lichaj Bradely Jones Donovan Adu Dempsey Altidore
I agree, and I think it would work out well. I just want to see Adu get a chance with the first team.
Actually I disagree, it proved that we need even more defensive cover. I wish I could agree with you and say that we could go with a more offensive line-up. Believe me I do.
No to both, we need both Edu or Jones to start along Bradley.
As much i do want to see Oneywu start it looks like he is going to because he only played a half versus spain. My ideal line up would be a 4-2-3-1. Howard Cherundolo Goodson Bocanegra Lichaj Bradley Jones Donovan Adu Dempsey Altidore Before you guys get all crazy and say how could Adu even play I think we need to realize how little offensive spark is available. Adu could provide the spark and when was the last time he actually played with the first team? Maybe him and Jozy can find that connection. However against Canada I see Bob sticking to a 4-4-2 with Ives first line-up being th one.
First off, this game was miserable, and as USA fan I am going to forget about the result but remember some of the player's performances. Tim Howard-Not much more he could have done, however he did not have any of his big saves that we are used to. Lichaj- Defensively he was okay, going forward he put himself into bad situations. To me he he should start over bornstien at leftback if bocanegra plays at centerback. Oneywu- I have been holding on to hope for a long time that his play would be better. He has always struggled somewhat in being in the correct spots on the field, but he is always been able to use his strength/height to combat it. Today he looked miserable and the hope is pretty dim at this point. Ream- Defensively he was poor today, and his passing out of the back was okay. But I want my centerback to be able to defend first, passing is a plus. Ream is not ready defensively at the international level. Spector- Have we not learned that he does not belong in the defense. Did okay position wise in the midield and did not look totally overwhelmed like Rogers did. Rogers- This level of play is out of his skill set, end of story. Jones- He looked okay on the ball, however he was miserable at marking players letting them run free, and he did not do well at closing down on players with the ball. For being a defensive midfield he was rather poor defensively. Edu- He was below average but I think if he would have been paired with Bradley instead of Jones his performance would have been better. Klejstan- I am indifferent about him, out wide he is too slow and cannot find the game. Centrally in the second half he played much better. Altidore- Lack of service or not he played poorly. With his size and athletic ability he needs to do better at holding on to the ball. Aguedelo- Forced the issue too much at times, but it is hard to blame him because he rarely saw the ball. He did show ambition however. Subs: Cherundolo- Man I wish he was not aging. He was solid as always. Goodson- Oneywu's poor performance gave Goodson the job alone, but he did do well and looks to be a lock to start. Bradely- Breathe of fresh air, and he proved once again that his better out of the three holding midfielders. He closed down well and provided much need energy. Dempsey- Solid appearance, looked dangerous going forward. We need him to score goals this Gold Cup and I think he is ready for the challenge. Bedoya- Was average in his appearance, but he did look a lot better than Rogers. I hope to see him get minutes with the first squad. Wondo- He is a vet and it showed in his performance. He may not be the most gifted athletically, but at this point he is our most polished forward. With the Gold Cup now starting I hope we trot out a line-up with a 4-3-2-1 formation. Howard Cherundolo Goodson Bocanegra Lichaj Bradely Edu Donovan Klejstan Dempsey Altidore Before you call me crazy hear me out. Why 4-2-3-1? We do not have 2 forwards at this point who are going to be consistent. In this formation, Dempsey and Donovan, our most dangerous players, get a lot more freedom which is our best bet in getting goals. Why Klejstan? Without Holden or Fielhaber he is our best option. I would have said Adu or Bedoya but I think Bradely rates Klejstan higher. Why Edu over Jones? Edu has more energy in the midfield. Plain and simple. The back four? That is our best current back four, which is kind of scary. What I think our actual line-up will be. Howard Cherundolo Goodson Bocanegra Bornstein Donovan Edu Bradely Dempsey Altidore Wondo
Looking forward to the game! Not the strongest line-up but I want to see what some of these guys can do. Go USA!