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Hey man, I heard you on the Guardian podcast the other day -- you were awesome! I'm the other Guardian Fan network guy. Drop me a line:
I'll still have to watch the game on mute so as to avoid Tommy Smyth. Also, I think that becasue we do daylight savings earlier than Europe, the games might be at 3:30pm EST. Roma-Arsenal will be live on Setanta (no Tommy).
This article in Barcelona soccer newspaper Sport makes it seem less like Barsa is having financial difficulties (which is what you hint at above), and more like they worry that the MLS might not make it through the recession.
When has Celades played in defense? He was a defensive mid for Barsa, Madrid and Zaragoza. I honestly can't recall him playing one game in the back four at any of those teams. This is another situation where it would be better to give an American a shot than to go for a foreign name.
I can't believe that miss from Stephen Ireland. It is fantastic, though, that Ireland is Irish. The USA needs a player whose last name is America. And then he could become captain.
It's so frustrating that Jozy isn't even getting on the bench for Zerez. He would be better off practicing with Villareal. Argh.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2009 on La Liga club eyes Onyewu at Soccer By Ives
Would be a huge slap in the face to Podolski if he doesn't get the start against his former and future team. Then again, Podolski is right up there in terms of the soccer players that deserve a good slap in the face.
Noooooooo Sheva, please. How about if we take some of Milan's young up-and-comers who can't get into a game at Milan -- like South America under-21 star Tabare Viudez -- for a couple of years?
Same with Dempsey, we all know that he was off, regardless of what the stats say. He tried to take guys on various times, and I don't remember him being succesful once. I am a huge Deuce fan, but regardless of what, it was not his night.
The greatest ever goal for the USMNT, by a wide margin, was scored by the man in the picture, John O'Brien, against Barbados, in a qualifier on August 16, 2000. I can't find a clip, and only saw it once, but it was amaaaaaaazing.
When I was watching the game, it seemed more of a "I'm going to limp off the field because I've played so poorly I want people to think it was because I was hurt."
I dunno, he really hasn't looked good at all for Bayern. We've talked about it in our blog, but wouldn't he do better at a mid-table side?
We still are a long way from figuring out stats for soccer. Heath Pearce was awful. The only reason he had the most crosses was because Beasley was dominant on that side of the field -- speaks more the DmB than him. The way he actually executed those crosses made me cringe. The only thing worse than Heath Pearce was the way the Univision announcers pronounced his name (Hay-ahth Pey-arse). Sorry for the hating.