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Hey Ives, What were to happen if our academy players who chose not to play abroad such as ferrari and exantus decided to come back to the mls and wanted to play for the red bulls? How would that work, would we only be allowed to sign one or could we claim a discovery find on both of them. Also with Salmon being a good central defender and a senior, plus Duka and Kassel probably going pro next year. Is there any chance that Osorio puts down serious contract deals for them. Thanks.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2009 on It's Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
he shud jus go back with the u20s n play well in the tournamnet... atleast he wold be playing in competitive games, and with him on the team we might even win the whole thing... maybe then he could get a transfer to a league where he actually speaks the language
i mean cutting in from the right and plays on the left when mc fadden didn't need a breather
i've never really seen Duka full out sprint bt he has good pace on the ball when running at defenders... he has fast feet n was good at playing himself out of tight positions nice passer n crosser of the ball, he's comfortable on either wing... scored a couple left footed goals this season cutting in from the left but plays on the right when mc fadden needed a breather
for all the red bulls fans duka is the u18 team mate of matt kassel... n he scored 9 goals for rutgers this year, not bad for a wing player at all
Zizzo would never have seen a minute in the u20 world cup if johann wasnt injured, n never recieved that seniort eam call up... peter u say speed kills but ur forgetting the fastest person in the league haha -----------Altidore------ Stuart Holden--Adu--Johann Smith ---------Klejstan--Bradley----- teams wudnt b able to handle all that speed on the right side if we had wynne at right back
hope this works out but if not i wud even settle for anthony wallace
gabe ferrari seems to be struggling during his time in italy, would u b open to taking a look at him during the summer also what do u think about Matt Kassel's non inclusion in the recent u20 camps... but another red bull's midfielder dilly duka being recently added to these camps also it seems lik we hav a lot of keepers on the roster, how many do u plan to keep or will several be loaned out
johann smith r robbie rogers