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What I don't understand is... Everyone should have known since we traded for JO that 2010 was the plan all along. I thought that was common knowledge. We got rid of Marion's expiring contract, thereby forgoing this offseason. Yes, JO was more a position of need, and I do think we are slightly better if he's healthy, just b/c we had no size at all, but the move was almost purely for the contract. (and getting rid of Banks' contract) Did Riley wink at you and cause you to think that wasn't really the plan and we were going to be players this offseason? Like it or not when JO was traded for I dealt with the fact that we were basically going to have the same team for another year and a half, you should to, barring some REALLY sweet deals being offered at the trade deadline.
So Griffin scores 27 in his debut, averages 19.2/10.8 for the summer league, at age 20, and he's the second coming of Jesus. Beasley scores 28 in his debut, averages 19.6/7.4 for the summer league, at age 19, and he sucks. Without a doubt, their games are different, but I think the sports writers should maybe wait for some real games.
Q: Why does it seem that all Heat fans dislike Udonis Haslem? The guy is a leader on and off the floor, never misses a defensive assignment, does the dirty work, plays through various injuries, and works harder than anyone. -- Brian. A: Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. For some, it's all about the stats. And until you can quantify "defensive help" numerically, most fans will continue to want their points. He's a special breed, no doubt. Except you can quantify Haslem's "defensive help"... it's called taking charges. Surely you didn't mean his shotblocking skills, which are non-existant, or intimidating size, which he doesn't have. He's REALLY not that good of a defender. People try to act like he's Dikembe or Zo...