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Absorption cooling has been around for more than 100 years.
Small displacement with high boost on renewable fuels with PHEV.
Air craft need renewable fuel, it is not difficult.
V2G in work parking lots will be standard allowing millions of cars to smooth out the grid during prime time.
PRISM could be installed at Savannah River to use weapons plutonium waste for fuel. We have 700,000 tons of depleted uranium from enrichment that can be used as fuel along with the plutonium.
El Dorado should get into EV buses, it seems clear that the energy savings alone could close the deal.
Millions of those are trucks and SUVs which don't get good mileage. Using a Gemini Diesel with HPR in a hybrid configuration could change that.
There is also Gemini Diesel with a aircraft version.
The Twizy has been made open source, could be a few good ideas out there.
Gasoline compression ignition (GCI) Interesting engine, NOX and particulates are reduced. Cummins is working with them on a one cylinder two piston design for military applications.
Two motors mounted where the differential would be driving each rear wheel makes more sense. Steer with the front, drive and torque vector with the rear...simple.
Well the tide has turned whether diesels, air bags or other business. If you harm others, you pay the price.
DME does burn cleaner, it is an uphill battle to convince companies to turn natural gas into DME which burns like synthetic propane. The tank pressures are lower, but it is a big investment. A carbon tax would help in selected areas.
They can do it, they just don't want to. An aluminum F150 with hybrid can get twice the mileage of the same model 10 years ago.
Buses and trucks have large wheels making wheel motors more possible. Hybrid CNG buses are a good possibility with lots of stop and go driving.
Larger buses work with more riders, not all routes have that. Smaller autonomous eBuses can double up for high ridership routes, but still have good capacity use for other routes.
If fossil methane sells for 50 cents per therm then bio methane should sell for $1? The extra 50 cents would have to come from somewhere, the tax payer or the natural gas producers. If it comes from the natural gas producers they would charge more which is the whole point.
They indict these guys but the sub prime bankers pay a fine.
The guy started this company 14 years ago, stuck with it and created something worth while. Perseverance pays off.
Just dairy farm waste can power the farm, we waste a lot in this country.
eBuses, eShuttles, eCabs can all reduce congestion and imported oil quickly. We don't need major breakthroughs, we have the tools we need now.
We are not "saving the planet" we are giving our species a better chance. The planet will do fine for the next billion years.
They keep restyling to make it look less boring, but get more polarizing. The average family does not want race car looks.