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You can use the CO2 and waste heat to create methanol, if you keep going you make DME and then gasoline, kerosene and/or diesel fuel. Considering what Europe pays for motor fuel, this could be a bargain.
They would go where the market goes, the Focus EV is a Magna design that does not really compete. Now that LEAF has said they will increase range and Chevy also, they are looking to hire people from Tesla.
The car I want is a PHEV/FCEV reforming cellulose E100/M100, it would have range and use renewable liquid fuel. It would have enough battery capacity for at least 20 mile local trips and a 10 gallon tank for 400 mile range.
Plug-In Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Light-Duty Vehicle good
I would like to see PHEV FFVs running 40 MPG on cellulose E85, that would do a lot to clean the air and reduce oil imports. I think cellulose E100 in FCVs is a real possibility, the industry has developed better on board reformers than those available in the 1990s with the Daimler NECAR project.
I believe Scott may have been paraphrasing Mark Twain. "there are lies, damned lies and statistics". The data about the LEAF battery pack on capacity over time I find concerning. Nissan is quoted as saying 80% after 5 years and 70% after 10 years. The EPA is about 80 mile range which is really 70 miles, that would be 56 miles after 5 years. So you can go about 25 miles out and 25 miles back, not a compelling feature set.
This money tips development in favor of the list, it is not intended to be THE funding. Many times DOE funding has to be one to one matched by the organization.
"Spent algal biomass is gasified to produce bio-methane that is used onsite in a combined heat and powerunit." - good
" is not as if American shale will suddenly go into decline.." It is not clear that fracked oil fields will last as long as conventional oil fields, there are already fracked fields that are going into rapid decline. "..(the) future of fracking is not nearly as bright as industry cheerleaders suggest."
often what is protected is just ONE little part of the patent, but you never know exactly which part that is. This should be stated by the patent office.
I was reading about the number of battery patents, LG has thousands, that is just ONE company. Patents are land mines waiting to be stepped on, they do NO good for the people of the country, they are used as a monopoly license. Issue far fewer patents for shorter periods, pay back development and compete.
This is an interesting method, they use the catalyst in reduction to get the synthesis gas, then they use that same catalyst for oxidation to make hydrogen. They just recycle the catalyst and start over again.
ecy, Don't toss around words like "libel", if you continue to antagonize I will contact Mike about this.
"initially, the steam has to be produced with an external energy source, but once the cycle is initiated the chemical reactions produce enough heat to convert water into steam without an external heat source." “We’re now in the process of building a circulating bed reactor to operate this entire cycle in a continuous mode in real world conditions."\ This means that it can lead to a more efficient more cost effective method, a good accomplishment.
"achieved at 930 °C—15% higher than the maximum conversion predicted" This improves the process, but does not reduce the cost significantly. One of their contributions is using solar thermal heat. You can convert a lot during the day and store for use 24/7.
eci, I suggest you take your self promotion of your "magazine" and leave. There is NO span here, so leave.
Same land, same grow food/feed then use the stalks. The water used in the process is recycled, the lignin can be gasified to produce synthetic diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.
Some think if you produce enough batteries they will be real cheap, that may be true to an extent. Now you have size, weight, cycle time, shelf life and other considerations. Now some of the same people think the next battery 2x, 3x, 4x break through is just around the corner. I look at more than a decade of going from laptops to EVs with LOTS of work to make them safer. Then look at the last 5 years trying for sulfur, air, vanadium, magnesium and other methods.. we have a long way to go.
Honda stopped making the eFit. A two year old LEAF sells for half the retail price, people complain about reduced range after only a few years.
Ethanol is an oxygenate, it improves air quality. Using stainless steel components and the proper seals, ethanol does not cause corrosion. I would like to see cellulose E85 available everywhere. The 15% would be bio synthetic gasoline made from cellulose as well.
One step at a time, if this was easy it would have been done by now.
Solid state can lead to a more powerful battery at lower cost. This is a contract for SEEO to show what they can do for EVs.
The CEC provides incentives for companies that want to do something, but the economics don't add up due to uncertainties. The HVH250 motor Remy designed for EVs was encouraged by a federal grant from the ARRA Recovery Program. If that had not been done, the U.S. would not have that motor.