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25% biogasoline Excellent
Lancaster/Palmdale are up on a flat plateau, should work fine.
Arnold, It is the way they calculate MPGe, they pretend it does not take any energy to make electricity, so NO it does not stand.
They are about twice as efficient, when you take into account the purchase price and battery replacement costs they are about even. Make the CNG hybrids and the numbers change again. EVs buses are cleaner with less noise, this is good enough.
UCS says across the U.S. EVs are half the CO2 compared to gasoline. Coal will be used less for power plants. Combined cycle natural gas are most of the new builds now.
Make the amount ten times as much and you might get results.
Joule was suppose to be the company, now they merged. This could be good but the capital expenses add up quickly.
Making sulfur conductive but not bind with the electrolyte is the goal.
Lead Acid batteries "..nearly 99 million lead-acid car batteries are produced each year.. Each of these contains 18 pounds of lead and one pound of sulfuric acid. While EHSO notes 90 percent of lead-acid batteries are recycled, those that are not will end up in landfills, where they can leak into the surrounding soil and air." "nearly 99 million lead-acid car batteries are produced each year." SO that leaves about 9 million that are not recycled and end up in land fills. SO it IS important what kind of batteries we use.
Brazil with sugarcane has a good yield and now they want to use the stalks for cellulose as well. We may not need liquid fuels much decades from now, but we need them between now and then. I would rather have them renewable than fossil and OPEC.
You are paying for the highways AND the real costs using fossil fuels.
Not that efficient. Direct inject two strokes can be very clean. They might even make good range extenders running on renewable fuels.
Paper products do more to deforest the planet. The irony is the native grass could be harvested to make biofuel.
Henry, The four cellulose ethanol plants in the mid west use corn stalks not trees. They and others will soon make one BILLION gallons per year. Ethanol is not a food, it is ethyl alcohol.
Smaller more numerous buses are good for the city and suburb. If you only wait 5 minutes for a bus, more people might use them. Eventually make them autonomous because a small city may have hundreds.
Success is achieving what you set out to do. Some bank robbers and thieves are successful.
Congress has not had a real highway bill in 10 years. The last one was patched telling corporations to underfund pensions so they pay more income tax...insanity.
Prakash and Olah... Dr. Olah wrote The Methanol Economy Reform on board to run fuel cells. Use MTG to make gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.
Another good reason to go with lithium sulfur.
The irony is injecting fracking water 2 miles down is creating tremors that crack well casings.
"E-P will not like your comments..." Don't be cowed by a narcissist bully.
Electrolysis adds salt to the water anyway for the proper conduction.
"Current aircraft engines feature valve gear components which are designed for compatibility with the leaded ASTM D910 fuels. In such fuels, the lead acts as a lubricant, coating the contact areas between the valve, guide, and seat. The use of unleaded auto fuels with engines designed for leaded fuels can result in excessive exhaust valve seat wear due to the lack of lead."