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"..for the industrial production of hydrogen." Perhaps
KIA/Hyundai have done a good job in recent years.
They don't want to be truck drivers either.
The Regal looks good, hybrid even better.
Fuel cells make good range extenders when run on reformed liquid fuel.
I doubt getting rid of NG to H2 reforming will solve any carbon problem considering the U.S. burns 300 million gallons of gasoline per DAY.
Shell sells H2 for $10 per kg, $5 gasoline gallon equivalent. There are only about 20 stations in California, they need to pay off equipment investments. More FCVs means more fuel and quicker payoff with lower prices over time. It takes less than $1 worth of natural gas to make a kilogram of H2.
I can not see someone wanting black lung disease versus putting up solar panels and wind turbines. There are less than 100,000 coal jobs.
Yeah you got it all figured out, no one puts anything past you.
Famous line from Risky Business "which one is the U boat captain".
Carrageenan from sea kelp helps as a cathode binder in LiS batteries to stabilize poly sulfide binding in the electrolyte.
harvesting MASSIVE amounts of land You don't need more land, you grow corn and sorghum on the land already, just harvest the stalks. The farmers like the revenue and they can plant early next spring.
IMO we will find that petrochemical residues in general cause many illnesses including cancer. One hundred years from now people may wonder why we poisoned out environment.
High temperature PEM fuel cells use phosphoric acid on the cathode, so no platinum required there. SOFCs use NO platinum at all. Once they get the platinum required for a car down to that used in catalytic converters they will have reached parity.
You use the land to grow corn and sorghum so use the stalks for cellulose ethanol. Reform the ethanol on the vehicle for fuel cells, no combustion, no pollution.
What ever the market will take, if China buys more then they do.
Looks like the usual suspect got deleted.
They can run on several different fuels, the first one was over 30 kW.
We are not going to go from less than 1% to over 90% EVs over night. This should be obvious to anyone who is realistic.
SOFCs are immune to CO, they use it as a fuel. High Temperature PEMs are much more tolerant to CO.
Make 6-12 passenger autonomous shuttles all over the city, cut congestion and parking.