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200 million cars that can use bio synthetic fuel, 200,000 EVs with a slow adoption rate.
"at prices competitive with fossil fuels currently." According to some, this can not and should not be done. It would delay that rapid adoption of EVs we are experiencing.
FCVs have no combustion leading to less smog, less heart disease and less imported oil. Reform bio methanol on the FCV for renewable transport.
Provides higher energy content; Prevents moisture absorption & phase separation. Reduces engine corrosion. ..good
"A very small reformer could do the job." Mercedes, Nuvera and others have been doing this for decades. Methanol has few impurities unlike the refined products. It is easy to reform on vehicle to hydrogen, costs $1 per gallon and can be made from several feed stocks, including renewable biomass.
The R8e has been on and off over the years, I am glad they finally decided to build them even if this is nothing more than corporate image.
"We are trying to build awareness that you can make a climate impact with existing cars. We don’t have to wait for everyone to buy an EV or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle." That is the point I have been making on here for years, it may be several decades before we have a meaningful percentage of EVs on the roads, what are we suppose to do in the mean time? Apparently just urge others to buy EVs while we drive ICE cars.
Celgard unit filed a suit against Sumitomo Chemical ... patents.
"..these were small compared to the large number of hydraulically fractured wells across the country." That may be, but if the well contaminated is the one serving your town, it is a BIG deal. IMO we are using extreme methods with valuable water for a resource that runs out faster, so more wells must be created.
"Evonik Litarion was formerly part of Li-Tec, a joint venture between Evonik and the carmaker Daimler. Some have speculated that Electrovaya was able to pick up the Litarion business on very favorable terms after Daimler decided to withdraw from the battery market."
That would be investing, the Republicans don't want the government investing in business. They want the private sector to pick the winners and losers, or just ignore them entirely because they may not be massively profitable.
There was a study done on "externalities" of fossil fuels as part of the societal subsidy cost, it was extensive.
"..can trap the problematic polysulfides.." That IS a unique and useful feature.
Toyota is one of the few car companies doing battery research. They want it for themselves and they want to advance beyond present methods. This is the difference, public research can be available to ALL car makers.
A123 had quality problems, if the Chinese do the same the results could be similar.
Sure, I can see solar hydrogen with sequestered carbon benefiting from power plant waste heat to make fuels. There are many ways we can get rid of imported oil.
Research bothers the private sector, there is no guarantee of return in the time frame they want. This is why so much of it is done at public institutions. Yet another way the private sector benefits from public dollars.
gpr. You have NO idea what this university spent nor where the money came from, so keep the negative comments to yourself.
Toyota could have it in production in five years, but that is just a guess. It depends on resources, budgets and talent. Pelion in the U.S. is working on magnesium, they have computers working on the combinations that are compatible.