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Sion has had 50 cycle units for decades, Oxis claims to do better but polysulfide migration is still a major issue.
Makes sense, they make the electricity at cost then sell at a premium.
Fuel cell vehicles with PHEV batteries should run well in cold weather, the PEM creates heat to warm batteries and passengers.
This could make a good range extender for PHEV delivery trucks.
With autonomous eCabs it could be a moot point, private car ownership could wane saving individuals lots of money.
"Predictions are hard to make, especially when they are about the future" - Richard Feynman PhD
Fuel cells stress when warming up and cooling down, PEMs not so much SOFCs a lot. The main factor is contamination of the membranes which can be due to bad hydrogen or polluted air.
It is your choice, people ride the subway every day.
5% improvement per year with batteries is good, but if you want to go long haul in a few years with less pollution and less foreign oil Kenworth, Toyota and Nikola have ideas.
An eCab would be useful with adaptive routing, if someone is on the way it picks them up seating 4.
Cycling means up and down, you might do that once or twice per day, some days not at all because you are running on batteries.
Good to see Mazda in the EV game.
IGCC can produce fuel, electricity with additional renewable hydrogen and/or sequester carbon for later use.
The 10,000 cycle is about 30 year lifetime, lots of hours and miles during that period. It might depend on how pure the hydrogen is.
Prius has sold 5 million.
There will be some howling "fool" cells, but if this works it will help clean the air and use less imported oil.
The Koch brothers would rather sell the pet coke to India so they can throw it into steam power plant furnaces.
Mike, Try not to state you opinion as if it is THE opinion. There is room for lots of opinions, no one has a monopoly on truth.
BYD and others are delivering LOTS of EV buses in China. The market is expanding in the U.S. more the merrier.
They have reduced platinum requirements ten fold over the years, when they get fuel cells down to the amount used in catalytic converters we may be at parity.