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Biomass to DME to gasoline can be made for $2 per gallon.
"..via the evaporation of injected water.." This can be reaction water.
Plug FCEVs could sell in southern California, several stations including UCI provide H2, some people like the futuristic nature. Just because something will not replace all the cars and do everything does not mean it is not relevant. Just because something is not the most efficient does not mean it does not reduce pollution and imported oil.
I don't want to be involved in any more oil wars..amen
This is different, Miller and Atkinson leave the intake open past bottom dead center on the intake stroke. This closes the intake before BDC on the intake stroke, so it is effectively variable displacement and/or variable compression ratio.
The 100 MPGe figure for a PHEV is misleading, it does NOT take into account the energy required to produce the electricity. A 100 MPGe BEV is more like 40 MPGe when you consider 40% efficient power plants, minus transmission losses, charger loses and round trip battery loses.
Rather than leave the intake open longer, they close it sooner to provide a sort of "variable compression ratio". This allows efficient operation at low loads while still having power when needed. Miller has forced induction, Atkinson does not. I like this idea and the numbers show that Audi is on the right track. 45+ MPG without hybrid is significant.
"The intake valve also closes earlier – well before the bottom dead center is reached. This lowers the medium pressure, allowing a high, efficiency-boosting compression ratio." kewl
"The Audi Valvelift System (AVS) on the inlet side allows a short intake time at partial load and a longer time at higher loads (full load: 170° CA)." smart
I think we all like seeing these winners that were helped.
Tesla may be better, longer initial range and thermal control help.
Cellulose fuels can be used in existing vehicles, a proven market. Capital likes lower risk.
jzj There are posts from LEAF owners about the 80 mile range becoming 70, 60 and so on. No one asks what the range reduction is with Tesla after 100,00 miles.
EVs mean cleaner air, less imported oil and lower C02 emissions.
This eliminates those "fat, lazy, overpaid, union" bus drivers Harvey hates.
1500 cycles when cycled at the 2C ..good progress