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The government mandates 10% but allows oil companies to exclude 85%. There are millions of vehicles made for E85 that don't use it because they can't get it.
Lad, It is bio carbon from renewable methane, you use it once to get electricity and heat, then use it twice to make renewable fuel. Don't be so absolute, think outside the box.
They have to, it is the only move. Ballard blazed the trial improving on GEs initial design, leaped way ahead only to find no funding.
They can have cellulose sections of existing ethanol plants, both grain and stalks go to be processed. The farmers like getting more revenue from their stover.
Every advance helps, Lithium/Sulfur could be our next advanced battery.
Hyundai has made some good moves the last 5 years, they need aluminum unibody to go beyond 27 pound savings.
24 FPS is fine, with good real time processing you can get what you need. It looks like LIDAR will be necessary for autonomy so more than a software upgrade will be needed.
The charging parking idea works, once the car is charged it parks letting the driver know where by text. Now another car can charge making better use of the capital equipment.
SOEC stacks take water/electricity in then can produce hydrogen/oxygen at fuel stations, get the heat from an SOFC and electricity from wind contracts, sell the oxygen to reduce costs. SOFCs take in natural gas then produce electricity/water/CO, hydrogen and CO can make any liquid fuel you want. That way the CO is used twice and you can get biomethane from landfill and water treatment.
The MPGe does not consider the inefficiency in electric generation. There are natural gas steam turbines converted from fuel oil that are about 30%, there are peak turbines that are less. It is a Want to Believe wave that ignores the facts.
Pilotless airliners and and dark Loop tubes, people would really get in those? I think not.
Ballard tried to raise funds in the U.S. at the start, no investors so they went to Canada, now they sell to the Chinese. We need better financing for innovative companies.
Perhaps, but <1% after a decade does not show people are rushing to buy an EV.
"..this swarm.." Use all the sensors communicating to a central database, then you have quite a bit of information to use.
It makes more sense to use LNG than LH2.
Considering a LOT of fuel is used by trucks, this is progress. There is a group that is making an electric trailer addition for 18 wheeler trailers, easy to retrofit right NOW.
School buses and city buses are not the large fuel users, delivery trucks are. Two million 18 wheeler tractors use 100 gallons per day. Whether FedEx/UPS to your home or Fritos to the stores, everything comes by truck.
Run DME it is cheaper and cleaner.
HPR diesel can run 100% in most diesels. I figured bio, bio synthetic and synthetic would gain over the years.