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Imagine U.S. companies telling Canada we want to cross your land, rivers and lakes with a tar sands pipe, you will get nothing out of it except the mess and will make profits selling to Asia using your refineries. This would NEVER be allowed.
Hydrogen can be created where you dispense it. With renewable energy contracts trucks and buses can get fuel while selling the oxygen to lower costs.
This IS the point, there is nothing in the XL for American but risk, no benefit what so ever. PT Barnum said "a sucker born every minute and two to take them".
You produce more and consume less, but endangering the farmland aquifers of 5 states is insane.
The XL will do for farmland aquifers what tar sands did to the Kalamazoo River, pollute it so badly it puts farmers out of business.
There are people in Nebraska who don't want this mess.
$20 per barrel in 2000 to $100 per barrel in 2007, OPEC got used to high revenue now they want each other to cut production at $50 per barrel. They got used to the big money.
There is so much spare auto plant capacity in the U.S. we could make EV mail trucks, taxis and other vehicles, but we have a system that demands maximizing profit so the capital rent seeks globally.
This is what we can do when we work together. Synergy is more than the sum of the parts.
Notice from 1984-2004 fuel economy went down, after 2004 oil prices went up, so did fuel economy.
"The new fuel standard being developed.." The 2020-2025 fuel economy goals are about to be wiped out.
We need ONE wireless standard, then autonomous cars can charge themselves.
Even at 40% for the micro turbine, then you have 90% for the alternator then 90% for the controller then 90% for the motor under ideal conditions.
Harvey has a negative obsession with fat bus drivers.
You may have a long wait for 3X. Batteries have doubled capacity in the last 20 years that curve is not linear.
W said China does nothing about it so we won't. Obama said "if you will we will" that got the ball rolling...leadership.
There is less black smoke coming out of UPS trucks in the morning, that is good.
Reform HPR for PEM fuel cells, bio CO2 and no combustion pollution.
bus is parked over charger pads... This makes more sense to me than overhead.
inedible oils Neste HPR is made with palm oil used in making soap.
Nothing like a sweeping generality indictment to get attention.