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We can not wait for the damage to be done, it must be fought hard from the first day onward.
An IBM fellow was interview recently, he said after 40 years there still is no TRUE AI. They are getting closer, but this requires massive real time image processing with pattern recognition as well as AI.
gor, If you have nothing good to say, be quiet.
BEV sales are at about 0.5% in the U.S. (PHEV is not a BEV). BEV sales might be 1% by 2020 in the U.S. If you project that out even with acceleration of sales we might be 5% by 2030. Don't put all your hopes in one design.
"EPA will have to maintain its air pollution regulation" An Oklahoma guy has been selected to run EPA who sued EPA. He is a Global Warming denier, this is an IN YOUR FACE insult. If people wondered about taking it literally, here you ARE.
What ever, the reference to the location was off topic.
We don't care about you and Trump, we are suppose to be discussing ideas for sustainable mobility.
The Hindenburg fire was mostly from the coating on the envelop made from varnish and aluminum powder.
DSL, There were a couple of guys that took a pickup truck, put a gasifier in back then ran the engine on the synthesis gas from wood. A bit bulky, but until Mr. Fusion that is all they had.
Refineries make hydrogen, but do not transport it to stations. This company will build the stations where the fleet customers want them
Price of fuels goes down then back up, people drive SUVs then more efficient vehicles, they drive more they drive less. This has been going on since the 1970s oil embargoes. The one thing we have not seen is a cohesive working together plan for that all elusive Energy Independence they keep talking about.
"..bundling fuel with the truck.." Good idea, imagine if GM built refineries and gas stations in the 1930s then told Standard Oil they did not need them.
Make fuels from cellulose then gasify what is left for more.
With PHEVs we don't need much fuel, we can get that from cellulose, wind/solar electricity with sequestered CO2.
300 mile range 1200 pound battery pack now. 300 mile range 300 pound battery pack hopes and wishes. You can see that a 4 to 1 improvement in energy density in 5 years may not be realistic. You might say 10 years, but that would just be a wild guess.
Henrik, Keep insulting and you WILL be reported. Just because it can not do it all does not mean we should not do it.
If they can agree on a standard it could change public recharging. You park the car, it charges wirelessly then reparks itself after charging.
You have to clean it up much like landfill gas, but methane is fungible in the sense that it can be put into the pipelines then users can have renewable contracts.
Every bit DOES help, saying it does not do everything NOW so forget it all is foolish. We all know people like that, they are harming NOT helping find solutions. It is easy to criticize but more difficult to be constructive and find solutions.
We started with lithium in the early 90s, lithium batteries have gotten safer and more energy dense over 20 years. To assume 300 mile range will be 300 pounds of lithium cells in the next 5 years is not realistic. Dream all you want, but try to be based in reality.
We can close Diablo, run Combined Cycle natural gas plants AND reduce CO2. This is not an either/or world, it is an AND world if we use our intelligence and stop falling victims to other's agendas.
You would think that with all the damage BP did, they could come up with a better name than Mad Dog.
America has plenty of feed lots and straw stubble to run many digesters. All the farm equipment could run on it reducing imported oil.