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I would use the waste heat from the tractor engine to run a CO2 compressor.
Good news on oil, bad news on jobs.
Kudzu and/or water hyacinth on land might be better.
We lost 10 million after the crash but gained 20 million during the 90s.
I believe autonomous WILL happen, first with taxis then with shuttles.
"Most of you seem to forget..." Not a good way to start a discussion if you want to remain friends with folks on here.
I drove a V8 Mustang in 1979 across west Utah with a 10 gallon tank getting about 12 mpg. Next gas 100 miles had real meaning.
I would like to see many more fast chargers in the city as well as the open road. People might put up with a 60 mile range if there is a fast charger every 5 miles.
CharIN I suppose at 350 kW you could Char it In.
They found out if you inject CO2 into permafrost, methane comes out. You can sequester and get methane at the same time, then use the methane in the molten tin process to do point of use hydrogen.
1.2-meter-high device Maybe they could make a point of use device. With less than $1 worth of natural gas at wholesale rates you could make some hydrogen and sell the carbon. $2.47 per million BTUs
Price and fun look like the attractions.
The price and fun are the big factors.
Maybe they can make hydrogen with solar panels in the field.
If you can charge 50 kWh in 20 minutes, do you have to wait to use it? If there is only one charger every 10 miles maybe you do. Google had a problem, after people charged they had to go out and move their cars...a bit disruptive.
"production of steel, carbon fibers and many carbon-based structural materials.." They use it for lithium ion battery anodes.
The torque specs are good for a smaller truck. Run this on the new HPR synthetic renewable diesel, it should run well and be cleaner.
15 years after the Prius, HEVs are 3% of sales. 5 years after EVs we have 0.5% of sales. Getting going means something different depending on perspective.
Could be a self fulling prophecy. Toyota does not do much with the RAV4 EV nor the PHEV Prius, so they do not do well. Since they do not do well they do not continue with hybrid in all their models as announced.
Honda and GM have teamed up on fuel cells. This may just be patent swaps, but it gives Toyota something to consider.
Toyota declared years ago they would have a hybrid in every model line, I guess it will take them a bit longer than they thought.
The new Accord hybrid is rated at 50 mpg city, it is a mid sized car.