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"..provide rebates to help low- and middle-income families purchase new and used zero-emission vehicles.." They don't say how much, lots of other items get most of the money. At present the state gives a $2500 tax credit for the rich buying Tesla cars. We can and should do MUCH better.
I see it as AND not OR when it comes to EV/FCV.
Panels are 20% multi junction concentrator cells are 40%.
We may discover that benzene from petrochemicals has increased the cancer rates over time.
SOEC are 70% SOFC with output turbo are 70%, allowing 5% for compression that would make 45% round trip. Sell the oxygen to offset costs.
With stationary they could use flow cells or other methods.
It is one thing to quick charge one car ferry, it is another to do that with 100,000 trucks. Running an 80,000 pound big rig 300 miles with a 5% grade now and then and a bad drag coefficient will take more batteries than people think.
Renewable energy goes to waste because utilities can't or won't reduce fossil fuel power generation when it is available.
CNG/LNG would work for trains, use SOFCs.
We need up front help, stop subsidizing the rich. Most low income people don't make enough to get tax credits.
They should have incentives for low income people to buy used EVs. Free tax, license and registration would be a good start.
Take the fossil CO2 and sulfur out of the atmosphere.
12,000 pounds of batteries with a 4 megawatt charger is quite a challenge.
It can make the difference between buying the buses or not.
900 kW to 1200 kW is a LARGE charge. That would be over 400 VDC at over 2000 amps!
Gasification has been able to turn biomass into hydrocarbons for many decades, we did not because oil was cheap..not any more.
Sasol was going to do GTL in Louisiana years ago, then the Saudis lowered their oil price from $100 to $50.
75kWh That depends on the weight, efficiency and aerodynamics of the car. I would say a Tesla S 100 could go 300 miles.
Modular is nice but prismatic is not. Too much internal heating.
ECI, Don't take it personally, we just don't like you.
We could see on site electrolysis with renewable energy contracts and oxygen pick up. It could come down to below $5 per kg as well.
Advances make progress possible.
A123 needed more than iron phosphate, this is it.