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Imagine shopping centers, there are parking spaces with fast wireless charging all done with blue tooth on accounts. No hassles, just park, shop and drive.
Two motors eliminates a differential and allows vectored thrust handling.
China gets it done, they are not waiting for a "market" system.
Adsorbents are usually heavy, costly and require heat to release gas.
Harvey is on the right track, less batteries means lighter weight and lower cost.
You want motors inboard of the wheel bearing blocks.
If they can handle over 212f then they can run with reformed fuels.
Billions for entertainment but a pittance for meaningful efforts.
People might pay gasoline rates for fast charging. It is a now and then event that makes for cleaner air and less imported oil.
CO2 can be stored in empty fossil wells for later use.
The air in L.A. would be worse if not for mileage and emissions standards. Electric vehicles will make the air cleaner with less imported oil.
Reports are the 30 kWh packs have even worse degradation than the 24 kWh packs.
LEAF had manganese but they failed to provide thermal management.
The 1.5t is good, makes good mileage even better.
The point being not all activities worth doing are the most profitable. If we only do the most profitable this won't be done then the Chinese will control the market. That does not provide national security.
Since it is a Utah company I don't think it is about California.
Private charge companies will put chargers where they can make the most money, what we need is not always the most profitable.
Most excellent RNG and hybrid, clean air and sustainable.
There are lots of rare earth elements from mining minerals, we just don't refine it, not profitable enough. The Chinese communist government does think it is worth it and refines lots of it.
A 2.0T with BAS could work, motor at the low end, turbo up top.
The San Joaquin Valley has bad air from the Bay area and Sacramento, then the state tells THEM to clean up their air. They could run these on bio methane from digesters on the farms.