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Not a lot of money but sometimes a bit goes a long way. National labs have lots of ability to help small tech business get the job done.
Surabu and Toyota have both direct and port injection on the FA20 flat four boxer engine. This allows proper use of both under certain conditions. It is obvious engine designers would like as much computer control over fuel, ignition timing and valve timing as they can get. Running bio synthetic fuels may help as well.
This is a lab exercise it is not production. It is an indication of what the science does to help others understand. This is the nature of research that we need.
Lidar gives you the fine resolution that radar and cameras can not, it IS essential no matter what some say.
They could reform CNG or DME, CNG is 3000 psi DME is 300. Still liquid gives you the most energy density and hydrogen from that gives the highest efficiency with no particulates nor NOx.
for SunLine and the public 24 hours a day There ya go, once fleets use it they can provide cars with it.
pressure difference between the hydrogen tank They using the pressure difference as a regulator which powers a compressor.
Tesla tried battery swapping, no go. Reforming HPR diesel to hydrogen would produce 1000 mile range. Liquid hydrogen could produce a 400 mile range, since these are fleet trucks fueling is not a problem. Lots of negative comments about fuel cells, but they have the range in these applications.
Trucks larger than pickups use a lot of fuel and emit a lot of pollution. While we are at it look at pickups, more than one million per year sold and few do any work.
Good summary Harvey, Will people pay more money for something that will do less?
This is a good idea using methanol as an energy carrier. Liquid fuels have higher energy density than gaseous. The Nikola One and Toyota Portal fuel cell trucks could use this for greater range.
Drivers don't show more brain function around here.
There was a most polluted cities study published, many had major particulate pollution from diesel engines. Obviously trucks running fuel cells would eliminate this.
There is a lot of cargo going from Long Beach, CA to Ontario, CA each day, the ships come in the freight goes to warehouses. Right now diesel trucks are bumping in low gears through traffic, with this they can be computer assisted reducing driver stress, no gears.
All these competitions keep science and engineering ideas alive for young people. We have no future without them, science and engineering have created the world we have today.
56% combined cycle efficiency This is NOT combined cycle, misleading.
Audi/VW have made a LOT of announcements over the years with few results.
I had this idea years ago, put the unit on the back of FWD crossover SUVs. You get AWD and much better fuel economy along with vectored thrust.
Good, this is the idea of the Nikola One. Finally somebody is making sense instead of delaying and babbling.
You want lithium sulfur, sulfur can bond with TWO lithium ions, not just ONE.
Good news, keeps the concept in the public eye. Of course the Wrong Wingers will label it "tree huggers".
OPEC is reducing supply in small ways, they got used to the huge money at $100+ per barrel, asking them to reduce production at $50 per barrel does not set well.
"extra chemical reactions or stored energy in chemical bonds." Hence the numbers. Internet postings have become less than intellectual centers for understanding.