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Harvey, you have gone around the bend, first it is bus drivers now your obsession about drivers in general. You need mental help.
Brilliant, millions of years of evolution points the way.
Use the cellulose for fuels then gasify the rest for more.
They don't need more land, just use the stalk for cellulose biofuels.
Expand cellulose ethanol then make E85 more available.
This is not just chargers, it is everything.
The big question is the electrolyte. There are companies and labs searching for the right one, time will tell.
Buyers responded well to the Ford F150 using aluminum to shed 600 pounds and gain 2 mpg. They might even like an HEV/PHEV version that gets even better mileage.
They charge bridge and road tolls, why not health tolls?
It has more to do with the batteries, they can discharge rapidly but charging is another specification.
"..PM and synchronous reluctance.." This is unique, but if they use rare earth element magnets, supply could be an issue.
Not dirtier than diesel considering they use natural gas and there are no particulates nor NOx from combustion.
90% is peak efficiency, they can be 30% during high current loads at take off, pulling loads or climbing grades.
Of course we are not, oil will become scarce, prices will rise dramatically and the world will scramble.
BAS on a V6 is not all that impressive.
"Should" is idealism, don't hold your breath.
Harvey, Becoming a Trump fan will not serve you well.
It will happen or it won't, mislead people is not going to help.
Capitalism is about payback not global this nor people that.
Most excellent! Build a CO2 pipeline network to put it in empty fossil wells. We will need the carbon later on.
When the base is small the growth looks large. "Lies, damned lies and statistics" - Twain