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Yttrium "..the 28th most abundant element, 400 times more common than silver."
People have to pay taxes for the roads, bridges, ports and all other infrastructure we all use all the time. If we did not it would all be toll at $1 per mile, there is strength in numbers.
Engines will be with us for decades, to pretend everything will be EV real soon now is a fantasy.
"..comparable to what is used in an ordinary car catalytic converter." There we go, a meaningful reduction in platinum.
So it is a ceramic filter, can't cost that much.
People may have voted based on expectations of results, one candidate may have looked like they were less reluctant to make change, but not all change is good.
The filters don't add much to the cost of the car, if you have to add fluid now and then so what?
Take money from needed programs to pay for more tax breaks and defense spending. We have seen this movie before, it does not end well.
Lots of good things happening with HEV, PHEV, EV in cars trucks and buses. It carries itself, it is more economical, healthier and less dependent on imported oil.
"There are ways to design and calibrate the GDI system that will dramatically reduce particulate emissions."
Find an electrolyze that does not bond with the sulfides.
They keep using the word Mobility as if it were the Holy Grail. Fields was a slick sales guy with a spun image who did not do the job.
Solid state can increase safety, but if you want higher energy density lithium sulfur may be the next step.
If you want to payback the expense soon you platoon the cars and trucks. Trucks will have several pads so take more energy. Even at 50 megawatts that is 50,000 homes for one small length of highway.
Than makes no sense, but you don't know that.
Most of the trucks from ports to inland warehouses are 40-50 mile routes, even 10 miles of charger road would help.
Something using 20,000 watts every 50 feet for 20 miles both ways would take 100 megawatts, dedicating a power plant is asking a lot.
Lots of goods go from Long Beach to Ontario, California every day. They bump along through traffic in low gears polluting the air.
Electric delivery trucks sounds like a good idea, sort of a range extender for them.
It seems like they need at least 10 miles to start to make it worth while. At $2 million per lane mile that would be $40-50 million. If it is for EVs only low utilization can happen, if it is for all cars then you have to sense EVs and turn on that segment as it passes to save energy.
This is a lab discovery that could lead to others. Science asks WHY this is so, if they know they can do even better.
OPEC got use to all that money at $100 per barrel now have to cut production at $50. Karma is like that.
Toyota/Subaru have both direct and port injection on the FA20 engine.
85% of the total... Not quite the diverse source lithium has.
They have pay lanes and carpool lanes, I suppose EV lanes could happen. You would have to charge a high fee to pay for it.