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You are nothing but an ego maniacal narcissist who should not be allowed on here.
More criticism and no solutions from EP.
We will need liquid fuels for decades, time to plan ahead.
Lithium can be recycled, all petroleum does is pollute the air water and soil.
So an EV is not as good where coal power plants are dominant, we knew that.
With good green power contracts, they can make H2 less expensive. Palo Alto got a long term electricity contract for under 4 cents per kWh.
$500 million is what they borrowed from the government then paid back early.
Good for 18 wheelers that have the room for the condenser.
Generally you use Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) to get the CH4.
There could be an incentive to buy used LEAFs. $7500 minus $1500 would help pay the tax, license and registration. A lot of the monthly payment would come from fuel savings. Cleaner air and less imported oil helps everyone.
This has a positive image spin as well as benefiting the bottom line. Individuals and corporations CAN do good AND do well.
A four place autonomous taxi would need no driver nor steering wheel, the cab could pick up and drop off people on the way reducing congestion.
We have yet to see what the Bolt range really is. We know what the LEAF range is and it decreases over time.
600 pounds of fuel cell and tanks could go 300 miles and refill in 5 minutes. 600 pounds of batteries might to 100 miles and take half an hour to recharge.
This would allow lower pressures to store the same amount. One hundred pounds could store three kilograms of hydrogen, enough to go 150 miles.
Don't beat up on Harvey, he is our one optimist in a cynical world :)
Honda and GM have partnered, like Hyundai they may have HEV, PHEV, FCEV and perhaps PFCEV. This makes the base unit create economies of scale.
Grow the 100 million acres of corn that is grown now, much of the processed food in the supermarkets uses corn. Now use the corn STALKS for fuel, no extra land nor extra water.
Flare gas can be used in turbines to generate electricity for the rigs. When they do that the flare gas is used for a purpose thus reducing the quanity of refined fuel.
H2/O2 production at fueling stations can be done with renewable energy contracts. The O2 can be sold for medical purposes to offset the costs.
" Alberta farmers a new market for off-grade canola." Neste HRP renewable diesel uses plant oils to make fuel. It is NOT biodiesel, it can be used 100% and is clear as water without the refinery residue.
Those estimates are for evaporative cooling towers.
I also read that the Ivanpah solar thermal power tower uses less water than 2 holes of a golf course, they use dry cooling. This was stated by the Secretary of Energy recently.
A reservoir can lose 5 feet of water per year, calculate how many acres and you see how many acre feet go to that versus agriculture. Power plant cooling towers in the U.S. use almost as much water as farming, a power plant uses 25 gallons per kWh for cooling, we need better ways.