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I'm curious what it's like to record the voice of a video game. How does it differ than voicing an animated show or movie? Wil, have you written about the experience on your blog or in one if your books? I'd like to read about it.
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I grew up in Florida going outside to watch the shuttle launches in the sky. When I was in kindergarten, our entire class went out to the playground to watch the Challenger launch. We were all excited because there was a teacher(!) on board. (When you're in kindergarten, the only grownups that exist are your parents and your teacher. So this was big.) I remember seeing the initial takeoff, and then everything looked kind of funny. There were more bright, burning parts than I recalled there being on previous launches. Since we weren't watching it on TV or anything, we just went back into the classroom and finished our day. Only when we went home was it clear that we had just watched 7 people die. The next day, the school brought someone in from some sort of scientific place (NASA or the local college or something) to talk about what happened. I remember feeling incredibly sad and not understanding anything. I hadn't had any relatives or friends die at that point; the whole experience is burned permanently in my brain. I love the space program. It informed most of my childhood. Space and space exploration feels like an organic part of being an American to me -- I've gone to Kennedy Space Center so many times. I am sad that the shuttle is no more. I'm hopeful greater economic prosperity in the future will reinvigorate our research. I've become a scientist myself -- albeit in bioinformatics, the newest awesome science thing. I think all those nights and afternoons watching science in action probably had something to do with encouraging me to pursue my own career.
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