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We still have Wheaton's cock punch even if Aeofel is gone.
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Yeah it was me. I am not arguing, I want to see the "Aeofel Lives" tshirt (or if you will, RIP Aeofel). I linked your post so people would be able to read your take. For the record TwinsFan91, I DM a game weekly, so I am technically not a rules lawyer. The whole Binwin's fault argument had me rolling, and I loved how Scott tried to claim he asked the Ghost to lead him to the gold (Money not revenge). I was hoping Chris would catch it, but I don't blame you of course. I know how heated and emotional it can be to have your character die (and on the other end of the screen it can also be pretty scary).
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Wil, there is no way your Bloodied value was 13 HP. This might be just my denial over his death, but you should have had one more turn. I think you confused Bloodied with Healing Surge value. Love the podcast and can't wait for the next one. I want you to play a spell caster and really outshine Jim.
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