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Cliviger England
Interests: I collect cars. It sounds a lot cooler than it really is but I collect the crap rust buckets that no one else in a million years would buy. I own a 73 brown Cortina that only works when it wants to and an 81 red Quatro and a bike my husband Keith built. I love rock music, it reminds me of my misspent youth. Led Zepplin, David Bowie, Sweet. I always tell fans of rock music to download the first four led zepplin albums if they dont already have them. I was obsessed with the sex pistols and went from uptight middle class scaredy cat girl to a black haired anarchist rebel and back again lol.
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yep sounds familiar! My jack russell terrier Teabag (dont ask) is obsessed with the postman and anything that resembles a letter, every morining its a race to get to the door before he does!
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Get well soon wil
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