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WA State
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I am really excited to see 2 of thesse guys: TE Jared Bronson from CWU. CWU is a small, rural school about 30 minutes away from where I live in Central WA, and he was the talk and toast of the town. He simply dominated the level of competition he faced, and caught everything thrown to him. Really good hands. Had some good measurables at the combine, and had his best game of the year playing in the Conferences Divisional Playoff game, catching 8 balls for 169 yards. I smell practice squad this year, and active roster next. The other guy is WR Chris Williams... guy is small, but quick as a cat, running a 4.3 40 at 5'8" tall. If he can fill the role of being what David Megget was to the Giants back in their hey-day... we may have 2 more Besses to speak of this year. Keep an eye on those two guy's, I'm tellin' ya!!!!!
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